Shamanism: A Powerful Tool for Modern Life | Meghan Gilroy

When you hear the word “shaman” what do you picture?

Most of us, envision an ancient, esoteric medicine man (or woman) dancing or chanting around a fire.

For millennia, shamans were the healers and spiritual leaders in the tribe and who brought forth useful information from spiritual realms – where to plant the crops, which herb would best cure an illness, when the tribe should move to a new location.

A shaman is a healer who can bring messages from the spirit world and bring it back into the everyday world. Don’t we all have this ability? With practice and perhaps some silence, we can all go within, listen to our intuition or inner knowing and use that information in our relationships, career, health, finances, or spiritual path.

I believe that shamanic healing is a powerful tool that you can use in your everyday modern life. Here’s an interview (with my big belly!) on the Secrets of Shamanism.

P. S. If you want help accessing your own inner guidance, or you’re feeling stuck in life, check out the benefits of a shamanic healing session. I’d love to support you!

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