You Know You're A Shaman Girl If… | Meghan Gilroy
  • You are reading this. Books, websites, friends, places come to you through serendipity or coincidence, just at the right time.
  • You have quiet inner knowing, strong intuitions, feelings in your gut, glimpses of the future, peeks of the past, or visions.
  • You follow your heart, even if it sometimes leaves you shaking your head in wonder.
  • You are drawn to power spots, following your gypsy soul, trekking into nature, or just digging in the dirt of your very own garden.
  • Yoga. Yes. Dancing. Yes. Massage. Oh yeah. Baths. Please! Mani-pedis too. You enjoy pampering your body, moving it, shaking it, getting rubbed in all the right places.
  • You feel a calling. To serve in some way. The best cup of tea or coffee, at a cause that sparks your heart, as a teacher or healer, as the peace maker, for your family.
  • You are a mama, grandma, sister, friend, aunt, wife, girlfriend, partner who knows that you can never give too many hugs or words, of encouragement. You do your best to be mindful about how you treat your loved ones – even on the days when you want to pull your hair out.
  • You care about the Earth and all the other creatures that live upon it, including all our fellow humans.
  • You find the courage to follow your dreams, even when they take you down unexpected roads, or into the arms of someone you didn’t expect, or when they stir up your deepest fears and doubts.
  • You are willing to “throw away” what looks like a perfectly good relationship, job, home, or item of clothing because from within, it doesn’t make you happy.
  • You feel strongly. You’ve got a lot of emotion and you discover how to use it wisely – usually after some heartache and tears, and definitely with lots of joy and happiness.
  • Passion. Peace. Purpose. You want all three – or some variation of having it all. It is possible. When that’s TOO much, it can be spread out over time – years if needed.
  • You respect that there is more than one way to do it, one way to “get there” (while knowing it’s perfect right here). You can see the infinite possibilities in life and acknowledge that your way isn’t the right way – it’s just right for you.
  • You will search for and struggle with and adore the way life comes streaming through you. You will make it your life’s work to find your unique expression, your gift.
  • At least a few of your friends or family think you are nuts.
  • You might forget and take all this spiritual stuff a bit too seriously, but in your heart, you love to have fun. So you are willing to laugh at yourself and your zany process too.
  • On your best days, you know that you have power. You have choice. And you use it. On your not so good days, you crawl under the covers and know tomorrow will be another chance. This cycle will end. You will blossom again.
  • You feel a connection between you and life/god/universal intelligence.
  • You believe in the power of love. Loving yourself. Loving others. Loving this planet, this life. ‘Nuff said.

You know you are a Shaman Girl if… [fill in the blank. How do you know?]

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