Woo-woo and Medicine Bag Too | Meghan Gilroy

“Truth bomb: I use to be afraid of becoming woo-woo* but really it was me resisting who I really am.” – Heather Chauvin [Tweet it!]

Okay, fine, I admit it. I’m woo-woo! Are you?

I’ve walked through some major fears and heartbreak and big messes to accept who I am. My mind-blowing tale of transformation in video above. Plus I offer up questions for you to explore why you might be holding back too. 

And if you’d like some more tools to shine fully and come out of stuck, small, or hiding, grab your modern medicine bag** by signing up on the sidebar to the right. –>




*woo-woo – concerned with emotions, mysticism, or spirituality; other than rational or scientific; mysterious. Yep. Yep. And yep. More commonly used to mean crazy, out there, or ludicrous.

**medicine bag

In days gone by, shamans would carry medicine bags that contained their tools for healing – herbs, crystals, sacred objects.

I’ve prepared an equally effective and powerful medicine bag for you, the digitally savvy, busy, spiritual woman – with a modern twist.

Tucked inside are 5 gifts:

  • Shaman Girl’s Guide to Shine Fully! audio with mini-meditations,
  • • an accompanying Shine Fully! worksheet,
  • video of my tale of transformation with intriguing questions for you
  • • invitation to join the tribe + with access to daily tips + tools
  • mini-coaching session.

And yes, your medicine bag does contain some woo-woo! Sign up on the sidebar to the right.

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