Who Wants to be Normal Anyway? | Meghan Gilroy

I am giving it up, girlfriends. My desire to be normal that is. But trust me, my old frenemy Norma isn’t going without a fight.

Who’s Norma?

Norma has powers and abilities that I do not. She can hang out at a mall all day and not be totally over stimulated and fried when she gets home. Norma can go to a party and talk about the weather or just gossip away without wanting to pull her hair out, wither up or feel sick to the tummy.  She can walk through an airport without picking up on the 10 year old first-time traveler’s anxiety, which brings tears to her eyes.  She can go, go, go without ever sitting still or meditating. Norma always pleases her parents, husband, boss, children. She can take care of the house and have a career and kids and not need to take care of herself.  She’s able to watch the nightly news without flinching or feeling her heartbreak.

Norma is a total stress case but she doesn’t notice – that’s just how life is.

Hmmm. Norma doesn’t sound like a very interesting, kind or sensitive gal. Maybe even a bit boring?

Then why do I crave being her so much?

I have this notion that it would be so much easier to be Norma, when I am a Sensa.


Sensa feels deeply, to the point of occasionally bursting out in tears in public.  She has visions and dreams that she can’t explain.  She wants to hear what’s meaningful and important to you and can often add some insight that eases your heart.  She loves to be in nature or cross legged in meditation or in savasana in yoga.  She’s happy dancing, making a mess in the kitchen, drawing, writing.  She takes long hot baths regularly.  She has to pay attention to taking care of herself while deeply nurturing her family and creative endeavors.  Sensa says “yes” when her heart sings.

Sensa is a pretty cool chick don’t you think?

Dr. V says that being sensitive is a gift.  Normal is just a setting on a washing machine.  When I moaned to Shaman Guy about not being able to do what Norma does he said, “Most people who can do what Norma does aren’t all that happy.”

Sensa has brought so many gifts in my life.  A husband who asked me to marry him on our 1st date.  A little boy who was conceived at a shamanic center and is a real delight.  The gift to connect deeply with others and reflect their true selves.  Incredible friends, a deep inner knowing. Financial abundance. Homes in gorgeous, nurturing places.

And Sensa brought me Shaman Girl, which has brought me all of YOU. Who’d in their right mind want to give all that up?

I’d say us Shaman Girls are mostly Sensas, yes?

AND… Since we believe in the power of love that means loving the part of our self that is a Norma.  Loving all the bits of ourselves that want to be accepted, that want to fit in and be approved by others.

So I’m reluctantly inviting Norma to climb aboard.  Crawl into my heart, come along for the ride.  It feels a little awkward to truly invite her in but it also is kind. Loving. Sensitive.

I definitely embody all of those qualities and I’d bet you do too.

Here’s to being a sensitive, not so normal Shaman Girl and loving it,


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