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Yesterday I felt clear and full of purpose. Today I’m in that belly-churning, breath-taking WTF? place.


Welcome to 2013!


After the End of the World and the New Year, an energy swept away. Did you feel it?


A layer of doubt, uncertainty, and inaction blew through. New ideas and collaborations and clarity have flooded in – accompanied by a whole new level of shadowy fear and a sense of “I really don’t know what the future holds.” (Ha ha! I thought  I knew so much, silly rabbit!)


Stop. Start. Flow, expand – no, constrict. Repeat.


Ever been driving on a highway and a gust of wind suddenly pushes your vehicle out of your lane? Whoa! Yep, it feels like I’m moving forward but being pushed around by unseen forces.


It’s exhilarating, overwhelming, perfect, and causing me to get really committed to how I want to feel inside (despite the chaos) and what I want to manifest outside (amazing programs as in the works, I promise!).


An old voice keeps whispering a familiar tale: Figure it out! Do Something! You Don’t Have Time/Money/Energy to Waste.


And I am holding firm. I am committed to peace within and around me. Yes, I am stepping up. But I won’t sacrifice my happiness or stop taking care of myself. I can’t pretend to know. I MUST sit and be still, check in, drop deep, listen. Gather up the tidbits of information and guidance that come through each day. And I also MUST take inspired action.


I’m dancing with that sweet spot of balance in the midst of a hurricane.


I’d love to ignore the anxious tummy and instead dive in to doing. But this morning I plopped my bottom down in my dreaming chair and wrapped myself with compassion and love, just like I’d do for Shaman Boy if he was upset.


And now I’m writing to you, my community of supporters and cheerleaders and yes-I-understand-ers. Thank you for being here. You are a Godsend.


That’s my Rx for today. A little stillness. As much love as I can muster. Reaching out to you.


Surf’s up. I’m catching each wave, shaking off, and hopping back on.


Would love to know how YOU are. How’s 2013 been for you?

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A big hug,






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