I See You, Spiritual Superwoman | Meghan Gilroy

This writing was inspired by a vision I had, when I zoomed out and was hovering over the planet observing the time we live in from afar. I dedicate it to you, and to my friends, who are the spiritual superwomen of our times.

Do you know how uniquely, amazingly spectacular you are?

I see you.

I acknowledge who you are and all you do. Mama. Wife. Keeper of the home. Business woman. Creative vixen. Friend. Daughter. Beam of radiant light.

I see you.

You, the spiritual one, who has chosen and been chosen for this path, who questions and grows and surrenders and stretches and touches the far reaches of the universe, the very depth of your soul, your internal wounds. Who navigates planetary alignments and upheavals in the collective consciousness, alongside playdates and grocery shopping, bills and baths.

You, the mama, who’s always aware of where your little ones are and how they are doing. Who tries to be mindful and patient, even when it strains every fiber of your being. Who resolves to become more loving after you lose it.

You, the heart-based business woman, who’s taking risks, sharing your heart and soul with the world. Who is putting yourself “out there,” feeling vulnerable and exhilarated simultaneously.

The friend, who checks up on your gal pals when they’re down or sick or stressed or husband is out of town, and texts and tweets and facebooks and instagrams with “friends” near and far.

The creative vixen, who wakes in the middle of the night with an inspiration – or to soothe the child in the dark, mop up after wet jammies.

I see you.

You who wears six hats and plays multiple roles.

You crave the depth of your older friends and mentors, light workers extraordinaire. You yearn for success. You feel the mommy guilt of not being fully present with your children, your husband, your life while your mind whirls.

You can have it all. You can’t have it all.

I see the “not enough” and the fully shining, co-existing as you dance between worlds.

Do you see how special you are?

You live in this most unique time – when you can be a mother, a lover, a businesswoman, and a spiritual being all in one, when you can touch someone on the other side of the planet with a click of your mouse.

50 years ago, 10 years ago, this was not an option.

Our ancestors did not have the stress of trying to balance it all.

Zoom out. Can you see?

Be still. Perceive. Sink into your formless, expansive knowing self.

Be still. Embrace. The inner little one who’s throwing a temper tantrum over doing and striving and coming out of the spiritual closet.

Be still. Breathe into the divine mystery, practical reality, wonder of it all.

I see you.

And bow to you, to us. The spiritual, vulnerable, growing superwomen of our times.

With the biggest hug,



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