Shaman Girl: Huh? Who? What? Why? | Meghan Gilroy

“What is Shaman Girl? And why is it important to make it part of my life?,” asked my friend Mo.

Ah, right to the heart of the matter.

Shaman Girls dance between worlds. Between the everyday and the extraordinary. The messy and the magic. The WTF? and the OMG!

The Everyday: Laundry (don’t get me started). Kids. Feeding them. Not strangling them. Loving them up. Coordinating all their activities. Keeping in touch with friends. Fugh! Forgot that birthday. Aging Parents. The house is a mess. Career stress. And what about him (or her)? Husband/partner/bf/mate. Squeezing in a workout. Maybe? Hopefully? Missed this week again. How will I make it through the day? He did WHAT?!? And yes, 3 minutes to myself would be divine. Speaking of…

The Extraordinary: A moment of stillness. Inner knowing. Time to nurture yourself. A deep breath. A reminder. Not feeling completely insane. Laughter. Source. Soul sisters. Support. Understanding. Creativity. Forgiveness. Acceptance. A little yoga. A bath without interruption. Remembering what’s important and meaningful to YOU.


Can you relate girlfriend?

The Tribe, Our Community

Shaman Girl is a place to stop by for a quick reminder – you are okay and we’re all going through this crazy, wonderful, sometimes challenging life together. It’s a place to grab a nugget of wisdom before the kids wake up or after they are in bed (finally) or when you sneak a peek at work because your boss/co-worker is on a rampage today. It’s where you find the sister and mother and friend you always wished you had. It’s a space to be gentle, and understanding, and nurturing toward ourselves. Cause Lord knows, we need all the help we can get!


Trust Me, This is Vital: For your sanity. For your body, your heart, your mind, your soul. For your family – because when mama (or you non-mamas) ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. It’s vital for all of us – like-minded and like-hearted women who want support (not judgment – good enough at that one myself, thank you), who want to come out of hiding, who want to be heard. It’s a place to practice and remind and be reminded. A gentle place. A space to be powerful or just collapse. It’s where we discover how to grow, be bigger, share our extras or reach out and say what we need. It can be light and deep, funny and practical, just want you needed in this very moment.


Laugh at one of Shaman Boy’s shenanigans. Check out a recipe. Cry in relief. Try out a new relaxation technique. Love the same books. Disagree (respectfully please). Realize that you are not alone in navigating how to be both human and divine. And know that no matter what you think, our cars/ houses/ purses/kids /thoughts/ dreams are just as messy – and totally yummy – as yours.

Welcome to Shaman Girl. We’ve been waiting for YOU to come play.







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