We Believe In | Meghan Gilroy

We Believe In

  • Basing our interactions and relationships on love and gratitude
  • Operating from a consciousness of integrity, honesty, abundance and ease
  • Regularly confirming the feeling we desire matches our actions
  • Nurturing our own personal evolution and the highest good of our team members, clients, affiliates, humanity and the planet
  • Valuing and merging head and heart, spiritual, soulful and practical
  • Making decisions based on source, silence, common sense + vision
  • Communicating our truth authentically and owning our actions
  • Creating a purposeful and abundant moneymaking business that supports the eternal happiness of humanity and the wellbeing of Mother Earth
  • Being an inspiration and model for other businesses and individuals, starting with our presence and extending through our teachings and business practices. We walk our talk.


  • Using money in wise, healthy and positive ways to support ourselves, our families, and our communities
  • Paying our team members and ourselves generously as a symbol of our caring and appreciation.
  • Giving back to non-profit organizations that align with our values
  • Being conscious of how our business and actions impact the environment and humanity
  • Working from our zone of soulful genius, using our gifts and talents, and hiring others to do the same
  • Fostering a balance of work and play so there is ample time for self-care, pleasure and rejuvenation
  • Organizing our work flow so there is freedom and flexibility in our schedules
  • Aligning and collaborating with organizations, world leaders, international businesses, healers, visionaries and creatives who are receptive to our work



  • Clearly identifying who we work with, what problem we solve for them and what we offer in a language that resonates with them
  • Serving our clients deeply by listening to their needs and offering effective solutions
  • Prioritizing our goals and discerning when to respond to each situation
  • Seeking partners and mentors that help us grow
  • Creating a tribe who loves us and we love them, and is aligned with our purpose
  • Strategically creating business systems, plans and structures
  • Addressing times when we do not live up to these principles with gentleness and acceptance that fosters growth
  • Having fun and following the flow!



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