Pond Scum Smoothie Recipe | Meghan Gilroy

Ever drink Pond Scum?


Me neither.

Well, not actual pond scum, but a green superfood that looked suspiciously like pond scum. I would literally gag. At the thought. And the taste.

See? Pond scum I tell you.

Fast forward a decade, and I now drink pond scum with gusto. Only I disguise it in my smoothies. It took me a decade to both get over myself and to find the perfect smoothie recipe that TASTES GREAT and is super healthy. (Because who cares if it’s super healthy if it tastes icky.) I’ve even converted a few people who now swear by it. Plus not being a morning person, having a smoothie means I don’t have to think about what I’m having for breakfast. Bonus.

I’m assuming that you don’t have a decade or even an extra 15 minutes to figure out your recipe, so here it is (let’s forget that I mentioned pond scum):

 Yummy Smoothie Recipe

Makes ½ of a tall glass


Handful of raw almonds

1/3 banana

3 frozen strawberries

Scoop or two of frozen blueberries

½ scoop of Nanogreens Vegetable & Fruit Superfood

1-2 scoops of Jarrows Whey Protein

½ scoop of Lecithin

Throw all ingredients in a blender. Cover with cold water. Blend. Drink. Yum.

This is my real smoothie that I made this morning. Purty, eh?

Does Shaman Boy drink pond scum?

Heck no. He rarely drinks smoothies, but he loves smoothie pops. Whenever I have leftover smoothie, I dump it into a popsicle mold that I found at Whole Foods and throw it in the freezer. He has no idea that I’ve added a whole pond’s worth of scum, I mean lots of fruits and veggies.

And the best part? I get a total laugh since the discarded BPA-free, dishwasher-safe reusable molds look like rather colorful condoms. They’ve caused a few raised eyebrows from friends when they are left out on the picnic table or kitchen counter. Hey – you gotta keep them guessing.

So you heard it here folks. Pond scum, colorful condoms, and smoothie makings that are oh-so-good and healthy for you.

Keep it real. And keep living juicy,


PS Share your smoothie recipe and veggie hiding tricks with the rest of us. Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on FB.

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