New Year's (wo)Manifesto | Meghan Gilroy

I take care of myself.
I value myself and my contributions to my life, family, and community.
I remember who I am – a powerful life force passing through this body – and am able to see beyond my human tribulations and emotional responses.
I let myself shine and touch others.

I remind myself that all is well and this too shall pass when it feels dark and uncertain.
I sit, am still, in touch with my heart and inner knowing.

I keep dreaming big, while having my feet solidly on the ground in practical reality.

I do not damp down my emotions to make others comfortable.
I ask for help – from myself, my family, my friends, guides, the universe – despite my discomfort in doing so.

I do not confuse being vulnerable with being weak.
I find strength in my open heart and intuition.

I gently walk through my embarrassment at being “messy” and “not together.”
I do not hide who I am or my human financial, health, career, relationship challenges in the name of upholding an image of myself or for others.

I share my love with myself, my family, the people around me.

I create an abundant income for myself and my family.

I am fierce and stand up for what I believe and know is true, while softening and opening to what is ready to fall away or is no longer serving me.
I walk with an open mind and an open heart, receiving messages as needed.

I embrace what feels like contradiction: fierce & tender, belief in abundance even if outward evidence looks otherwise, messy and admirable, soft and strong.

I move from stillness into inspired action.

Happy 2013 Shaman Girls!

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