Marinating In the New Year | Meghan Gilroy

A new year is swiftly approaching. I’ve never been fond of resolutions, but I do like this inward, reflective time of year and often set an intent for the coming months.


This year, I feel suspended in time, wrapped in the cozy warmth of family in our NH home, filled with lazy days. I’d love some certainty about the new year… and am asking myself to let go and just be. Instead of wishing for answers, I’m inviting in questions.


My mind of late has been worrying over the worn footpaths. How do I make money at what I love? How do I attract more Shaman Girls to our Tribe? How will Shaman Guy and I shift our financial dream?


Today I feel that these questions aren’t serving me. They’ve cast a spell over me that reinforces an old identity – a striver, a make it happen-er. I have an image of me struggling in a windy snowstorm, head bent down to the wind, trudging along, one foot in front of the other, seeing only the tips of my boots.



What if I were to stop and look up? What if I were to ask a question that brings me into unchartered territory? Into exploring a new way of being? One that takes my breath away?


Questions like:


What ails me?

What is it too soon for, too late for, just the right time for?

What is emerging?


My desire over the next few days is to download all the questions that are lingering in the forefront of my mind and encourage myself to go deeper, darker, into the rich underworld of peripheral vision until a juicy question arises.


This is a rich time of the year, one of hibernating and germinating. My massage therapist and wise woman Janeen Barnett spoke to me about the winter solstice/new year in terms of receiving, being in sync with the season. So often we make grand goals and resolutions that involve “pushing” ourselves to do more, exercise more, eat less during a time of year when we naturally slow down, spend more time inside, and (if we listen to our bodies) sleep more.


This energy of “receiving” also aligns with the shift that many have spoken of in conjunction with the “End of the World” – a shift from a more masculine way of being to a more feminine one.


What if we were to receive our intents and our questions instead of making them happen?


Ahhh… a deep sigh resonates in my body. Shifting into receiving mode means that I am one with and connected to an abundant universe. I am worthy of its love and abundance. I do not have to do more or gain more awareness. I just open. Be.

I invite in the energy of wonder and wander. To allow myself to meander through this time. To let myself marinate in the questions.

That feels right and true and what I am capable of at this moment in time.

What about you? What questions spark your soul?

Leave a comment please… open to inspiration!


PS Many thanks to Dawna Markova’s book I Will Not Die an Unlived Life  for sparking these questions.

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