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Lovey Projects

Everybody deserves to be loved as much as my lovey Nairobi.

My wish is that everyone could have a Lovey. And no, not a stuffed animal.

Everyone gets a Lovey, someone who cares for us beyond explanation, who loves us up and down no matter what mental, emotional, spiritual or physical state we are in. Our Lovey lets us cry on their shoulders, holds our innermost fear and secrets up to the light, gives us a tight squeeze or whatever we might need when we’re feeling down or unlovable or not so shiny.

Just like my dad did years ago for Nairobi, our Lovey would even make a u-turn in the middle of a freeway to drive back, hours if necessary, and say, “Come with me. I’m not going anywhere without you.”

If you have a need, or a friend/family with a need, if you see a situation in the world that could use some love, then us Shaman Girls will use our power to send the good vibes, do what we can, hold a supportive space. We take whatever actions we can or feel inspired to do – send a prayer, good thoughts, a joke, a inspiring picture, a virtual hug. Tell us the situation and how we can help by posting on our Facebook wall or email me.

We do projects like this: Our First Lovey Project.

What do you get in return for participating in a Lovey Project? The feeling of giving, of helping, of loving. Knowing that YOU are one of the people in this world who give and help and love. And if you should need it, a whole pack of people who will send you some love in return.

Everybody’s in.

Everybody gets as much love as they need. There’s an abundance love. Our love bank is full and overflowing. We got plenty. And we got your back.

We’ve got some love to share my Shaman Girl peeps. And we are going to shower the world with it.