Lovey Projects: Got Love? Need a Lovey? | Meghan Gilroy

Everybody deserves to be loved as much as my lovey Nairobi.

Just look at this guy. He once could sit up on his own. His paws have been rubbed off and re-sewn multiple times. And he’s gone entirely gray.

I have a dream that I’ve held onto for many years, nestled close to my heart, just like I used to clutch Nairobi at night.

My wish is that everyone could have a Lovey. And no, not a stuffed animal.

Everyone gets a Lovey. A person who cares for us beyond explanation, who loves us up and down no matter what mental, emotional, spiritual or physical state we are in. Someone who is willing to carry us around the world in their heart. Make a u-turn in the middle of a freeway to drive back, hours if necessary, to extend a helping hand, and say, “Come with me. I’m not going anywhere without you” (as my dad did for Nairobi years ago).


In fact, my dream is not just that each one of us has a Lovey, but that we have Loveys in spades. Loveys who will let us cry on their shoulders, hold our innermost fear and secrets up to the light, give us a tight squeeze or whatever we might need when we’re feeling down or unlovable or not so shiny.


Who’s had their debit card declined at the grocery store, been in crazy credit card debt, or not been sure how they’d make the bills this month?

Anyone else ever feel utter despair over an illness or death among your friends or family? Or been too sick to get out of bed?

What about feeling like you’re the only one in the world who’s different or who is facing a seemingly insurmountable problem and no else cares?

Maybe you’ve felt like you’d never find a friend or a beloved who you could really connect with, who would really get you, and you could talk about more than the weather or the latest gossip?

Have you ever turned on the nightly news and felt your heart contract from all the misery in the world?

At one time or another, ME. Oh yes, me! To all of the above.

And I’d be willing to bet Nairobi that you have felt at least one of the above too.

That’s why I am hereby officially announcing Lovey Projects to our Tribe.

If you have a need, or a friend/family with a need, if you see a situation in the world that could use some love, then us Shaman Girls will use our power to send the good vibes, do what we can, hold a supportive space. We take whatever actions we can or feel inspired to do – send a prayer, good thoughts, a joke, a inspiring picture, some money.

If you have an idea for a Lovey Project or know someone with a need, post it on our Facebook wall or email me. Tell us the situation and how we can help.

And oh ladies, I’ve got a great first Lovey Project up my sleeve.  Next blog is going to introduce you to someone who I hold dear in my heart and who is so busy being a Lovey and Lovey-ing other people up. But she could use our help.  Let’s do this. Love is the most powerful force in the world and we’re sending it her way.

We’ve got some love to share my Shaman Girl peeps. And we are going to shower the world with it.

Love, Lovey, LOVE coming at you,


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