Love When The Kids Are Fighting | Meghan Gilroy


How’s this for a new perspective? Love every moment, every stage, every phase of life – even, for example, when the kids are fighting. (I know, all YOUR children practice loving kindness in every moment.) Huh? How? Why? Well, when the kids are fighting and you’re ready to pull your hair out, at least they are still around. There is always a way to find a tidbit of gratitude in any situation. Today my 5 year old was annoyed that I answered a phone call. Since we were cuddling, my friend laughed since it sounded like Shaman Boy was on the phone with us. She commented on how nice it was to have a cuddly 5 year old, even an annoyed cuddly 5 year old, since her 17 year old hardly wants to speak to her anymore. And then I laughed. At least her 17 year old is still at home with her. One day both our children will be off on their own and I’m guessing we will miss their cuddliness, their annoyance, and even their silent treatment deeply. So no matter what stage or phase you find yourself in. Love it. I promise you, it will all so change. Guaranteed.

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