I Adore You | Meghan Gilroy

No fancy restaurants or chocolates for us on Valentine’s Day. Instead, I’m announcing to the world: I adore my husband! Ten years after writing my Dream Man vision, I’m still madly in love with the man of my dreams.

To My Dream Man, 10 years later,

Ten years ago today, our stars were being magnetized to one another but our big bang hadn’t occurred yet. (And what a big bang that was!)

I see our spirits being nudged closer – I had just written my Dream Man Manifesto a few weeks earlier and we were just about to start our email flirtations. How crazy is it to watch our story unfurl on a warp speed timeline. In two weeks, we’d be on our first date when you asked me to marry you after our vision at Swami’s Garden. Two more weeks and we’re on top of a pyramid being married by a shaman, surrounded by our spiritual community.

A few months and I’m asking you to financially support us so I can listen to a call from my heart to go within and let go of my good girl-perfectionist-independent-overachieving ways – when we were massively in debt! Another month and we’re moving 3,000 miles cross-country from San Diego to Boston.

Blip! In a year, you’ve started your own business. We’re buying a house. Kai comes to live with us, moves to Italy. Bam! We’re in Ireland conceiving Shaman Boy at a shamanic retreat center. We entice Junebug and friends to move to Bubbleville, create a whole community around us. Shaman Boy is born weeks after we move into our new home. Your business brings in 7-figures. Kai and Wren come to live with us. Junie passes.

We buy our fairy tale home in New Hampshire and a whole dream opens there. I birth Shaman Girl and a coaching business and books. We fly to Paris to celebrate 9 years together. We start dreaming our next phase…

Dizzy yet? I laugh at the time when we are frustrated with our creation. You and I are such big dreamers and manifestors that it can be hard to see how much has been created rather quickly. Is there any doubt that we can create ANYTHING we desire?

Today, on Valentine’s Day, I am reflecting on our love. I am in awe that after ten years together, I still absolutely adore you. I feel so blessed that I feel even more deeply about you after a decade and am in no way bored by you. Yes, a record.

You are exactly the man I dreamt – strong, sensitive, wise, involved, present, protective, supportive, spiritual, funny. There is nothing I could add to my original vision. And to think that we have navigated a cross-country move, debt, 3 homes, a baby, blending our family with your son and his girlfriend, financial bumps, creating businesses, aging parents. Your ability to see the truth and handle each challenge with wisdom and grace delights me. Your faith in me and my abilities is so precious.

Wait – there’s more. Tears spring to my eyes when I think of you with our cub. Shaman Boy simply adores you and he is beyond blessed to have a father like you who is available and engaging and willing to allow him to be himself while gently molding him into a gorgeous being.

I thank my lucky stars for you. I see you for who you truly are and it is awe-inspiring. Thank you for being by my side. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years bring.

I adore you,


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