How Do I Find a Job I Love? | Meghan Gilroy

Lisa’s been unhappy in her job for 7 years. She wrote in, “How do I get ‘unstuck’ and make progress in my job search? I can’t seem to find any  job postings that are ‘me.’ What are my true skills/qualifications? I don’t even know what my next step should be. I just know I am unhappy doing what I have been doing for the last 7 years! How sad is that!”It is sad because we spend most of our day working so let’s spend that time being passionate and purposeful!

Like so many of us, Lisa yearns for a job she loves so in the video I give unexpected energetic AND practical steps to go from stuck + frustrated to manifesting a job that reflects your true nature and freakishly good skills.

For anyone who wants to find a job you love, I’m ordering up:

1. a Pity Party (yep!)

2. a dose of Gratitude – but not for what you might think

3. a Challenge that might make you squirm but will definitely unearth your true talents and head you in the direction of working purposefully and shining fully.

Watch the video for the full scoop.

What about you? Does your work reflect the real “you”? How did you go from stuck + frustrated to doing what you love?

If you have a question on shining fully, living juicy, loving fiercely, parenting mindfully, or working purposefully, email me!
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