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Today was a holy day for me and my girlies. You won’t find this day marked on any calendar that I know of – except for the calendars of a group of my Shaman Girlfriends. Once a month, we get together for lunch at my house. As Dr. D says, “These Thursdays are like a Sabbath to me and they seem to be for the others too.”

Well said, sister.

When we gather, it gets real juicy and real yummy, real fast. And it’s not just the food. After we’ve had our fill, we talk – and listen. We talk about what is really going on in our lives – our inner lives. And from what I can tell, that’s the one that really counts. We spill it out – admitting when we are not okay, not fine, not good at all. And also when we are glorious and in the flow and feeling divine.

You’ll hear words like “essence self” and “manifestation” and “goddess” and what is happening with the sun or the moon or Venus or Saturn. We say these words and tell tales that might sound crazy in other circles and no one blinks an eye or looks at you like you have three heads. It’s about as far from what goes on in high school (or what I remember of high school) as I can envision.

Today we had a Christian, a Buddhist, a Shaman, a Bhakti Yogi, a Kabbalist, a Jewish person, an undecided, and a few “all of the above.” It’s truly an inter-faith group, joined in our belief that we are one living, evolving, messy/mysterious human/divine being romping around on this playground called Earth.

We share stories of coincidences, of dreams, of fears, of pain, of joy. In the last month, we’re heard about travels to India, Mexico, Italy. We clap when someone announces a long-dreamt of relationship or book or workshop or whatever come into reality. We offer healing hands when someone is hurting. We get real quiet when someone speaks her truth.

There is a stunning amount of love and respect and compassion and nurturing and “uh-huh, I sho’ do know what you’re saying, girlfriend” that goes around. I have never left the table feeling anything but full – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically.

Today I invited everyone to write a thank you note from or to their essence self. If you step out of whatever current human muck we’re all wading in, what would your essence say? What are you truly grateful for?

The responses were breath-taking. Some were poetry. Some art. All from the heart.

Here’s mine:

Dear Girlfriend,

It is all going to be okay. Better than okay – amazing! You are ready. Your heart and soul are vast. I am here to support and guide you. You are not doing this alone. Vast infinite space surrounds you and comes through you. You have an incredible husband and family as well as kick-butt friends. So be yourself, trust what is happening each and every day is perfect. Don’t worry about money or success or hits or likes. Just be. I have so much love and respect for you. You are magnificent, a star. So keep shining. Thank you.

With love,

Your I Am.

In the midst of months that often go by in a blink of an eye, and can feel like a roller coaster ride of awareness and emotion, these gatherings are a deep breath; a place to come back to center. To bask in knowing that everyone at the table thinks you are amazing and it’s just fine to be who you be in this moment.

My deepest wish for each of you is that you find your peeps. Maybe you find us here at Shaman Girl. Maybe you find one friend in your hometown or a whole table’s worth. You’re welcome to pull up a virtual chair at our table and feast in the joy and ease that comes from women supporting other women.

Today was a holy day, Shaman Girls. A day to rest in our wholeness and to be filled to the brim. I hope you can taste it, feel it, revel in it too. You, too, sit at our table. You, too, are whole and loved and cared for deeply and not alone.

A big squeeze,


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