What To Do When You Feel Like Freaking Out | Meghan Gilroy

Dear Self,

Here’s What To Do When You Feel Like Freaking Out:

1. Have the tantrum.

Gotta start with acceptance. Feel what you feel. Let the tears flow. Listen (but do not believe) all the reasons why you feel idiotic, helpless, pathetic right now.  Holding the emotion in just makes it bigger. Trying to push away the small thoughts just makes them gain momentum or go underground where it takes some therapy or bodywork to unearth them. Go ahead, have the tantrum. Shut the door and let it out.

2. Give it up to God.

I know this feels weird to say. As a lapsed, kinda-sorta Catholic, you couldn’t even say “God” years ago. But there IS a force at work that’s larger than you (call it what you want if God still gives you the creeps). There is good and growth coming from this discomfort. So write down your worry. Now stick it in a “give it up” box. Open your hand, let go. LET GO. Trust. You can take action, you can have faith, and ultimately it’s out of your hands. God, show me the way. You’re here. You’re ready to serve. God, you figure it out!

3. What is true right now?

Time to reign in your mind. It can project lots of dire scenarios about the future. It can get a little wiggy trying to come up with solutions. Breathe! What is true right now? In this moment, I am in a warm house and my belly is full. My child is calling for my attention. Look into his eyes. Crisis and discomfort can bring you more present and into the moment. Slow down. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Be grateful for what you have now.

4. Take the Hawkeye view.

If we get all shaman-y, there’s the hawk’s view – being able to see from high up above. The big perspective.

And then there’s Hawkeye’s view. Remember the main character from M*A*S*H? He was a doctor in the middle of a war treating critically wounded patients and yet he always made the best of the situation – often through humor. See the mess around you and then find the good in it. Cleaning up whatever you’re freaking out about is going to help you be more responsible and more aware in the future. It’s going to clarify what’s important. It will help you be more in alignment with your purpose and passion. Find a little something to laugh about.

If all else fails, take a bath. Have a cup of tea. Watch a movie. Pet your dog. Go to sleep.


Better yet?



The Wiser One

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