Hang Onto Your Panties | Meghan Gilroy

My hands are resting on her back and the images flood through me. Falling backwards. The need to be grounded, nestled into the earth. Mexican healers applying a salve to her knee. 

When I offer shamanic healing sessions, images appear that support deep healing and offer greater understanding of how the person lying in front of me has been feeling spiritually or emotionally.

Sometimes I see my own life this way – in images – and when I describe them to friends or clients, they can often relate to the feelings. So today I offer a visual blog of what’s been swirling through me. Maybe it’s universal?

Ever play a game like Pole Position at an arcade? Lately my life/awareness has been feeling all over the place. (And this is perfect – it’s 2012!) As I race through the course, I veer off the road, hit the rails of a bridge, flip over after crashing into another car. What I need to remember and focus on? I am moving forward in the right direction.

Shaman Boy just watched an episode of Myth Busters where they exploded a tire and fragments flew off. I feel like big chunks of old energy, dead beliefs, tired ways of being are flying off of me. It can be dizzying – or I can be happy to let them go. Ba-bye!

Ever been in the ocean and have waves crashing over you so you can’t quite find your footing, but you are able to come up for air? I seem to have an expectation that I’m going to be on solid ground. And yet I feel myself growing and exploring, which is of course not stable. The lesson? Breathe. Head up toward the light. Let the water buoy me. 

My friend Anca gave me this image. She said, “You feel like mercury that’s been spilled out of it’s tube. Any day now, a the droplets will come together an congeal.” Yes! I am waiting for the congealing. So in the meantime, I guess I’ll enjoy the exploration.

And one more snuck in… for the past few years, I’ve been hibernating, germinating. I’ve been in a “winter” phase and I’m now moving into “spring.” The energy now feels chaotic, popping, gusty. I am relaxing into my springy-ness. I don’t need to rush through this phase or wish I was farther down the road. (Thanks Janeen Barnett.)

There you have it. My life in images.

I’m sitting unknown right now, as we all are. It feels scary and exciting and mysterious and oh God, what’s coming?!? Yet all the information I need, you need, is being revealed as we need it. (Thanks for that insight Rita Rivera Fox.) All the growth is perfect, preparation. It’s all good, Shaman Girls.

I’d love to hear what you’re experiencing. Post a comment or send me an image on Facebook.

Hang 10. Hang in there. Hang onto your panties, we’re in for a wild ride.

Above all, hold firm in your love.




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