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Lately I’ve been wishing that I could give a Lightning Bolt Coaching Session to myself. I want to receive the clarity and a vision for my challenges so that I can have the breakthroughs that my clients do!

In these sessions, I take my clients on a Shamanic Meditation – then we move onto the nitty-gritty practical action plans. I decided to record a Shamanic Meditation and then listen to it myself, and it worked. So I’m sharing it as a gift to you.

If you have a challenge – in your relationship, career, business, finances, health, or spirituality, and you’d like a new point of view, a direction that comes from your heart – not your head, then I welcome you to bring it to this relaxing 20-minute meditation.

I’d love to hear the results. You can post your comments below or email me.

Shamanic Journey + Meditation

(To play or pause, click to the far left of the bar.)

P.S. If you would like support in clearing a challenge with a heart-based solution that allows you to be happier and more successful in your relationships, business, health and spirituality, I offer a limited number of Mini-Lightning Bolt Sessions each month at no-cost. Email me to set up at time that works for you.

Or perhaps you’d like you own personalized, customized, made just for you guided meditation, check out my Make Me A Meditation Sessions!

Meghan Gilroy is a shaman and transformational life coach based on the North Shore of Boston, in Marblehead, MA. She offers a unique combination of shamanic healing and life coach that results in major breakthroughs in her clients’ lives via in person, phone and Skype sessions, ecourses, and retreats.
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