For the Children on Christmas | Meghan Gilroy

Guest Post by Shaman Guy

Will you take a journey with me this morning? For the Children?

Christmas morning 2012. It’s snowing big beautiful snowflakes. I sit in one of the rockers on the porch of our NH house feeling the stillness envelop me. I can feel that stillness move from outside of me to inside of me – like some slow metamorphosis. There is no more separation between out and in, between the birches and white pines, the hemlocks, the rocks, and this human that I am.

As I sat there in this place I fell into a dream. I invite you to share in this Dream.

I imagined the entire planet was becoming white with this new snow (apologies to those who live in the warm climes) and as a result the world was being purified. And from a long ago part of my past I recalled a Tibetan Buddhist mantra that we would repeat over and over, called the Vajrasattva mantra.

Vajrasattva is the Buddha of Purification and to say this mantra it is said it will remove any obscurations, purify any defilements, and increase our good karma.

As I sat in my chair I could see this Buddha sitting above the earth and the snow that was falling over the entire earth was purifying every inch of this planet.

I then saw the children of this earth who have suffered violent acts; in Newtown, in Syria, in China, in Russia, in Israel, in Africa gathering together and holding hands – standing before the world and asking us, with tears in their eyes, to please stop the killing, the hatred, the insanity of what we do to all the living beings on this planet, as well as to the earth itself. What we really ultimately do to each other. Please they pleaded, please…

And then I saw people coming out of their homes and embracing their neighbors. Enemies laying down their hatred and looking into their fellow mans eyes and seeing themselves.

This was happening in every corner of the world. Parents loving their children, husbands and wives loving each other, siblings, friends, co-workers, conservatives and liberals, black, red, white, and all color of humans looking at each other with no filters and seeing the Truth before them: that we are The Same.

…and on and on people joining hands and saying enough madness! It’s time to live in Peace and Love.

And then the politicians, the governments, those in the position of making global decisions putting aside their self interests and really governing, really caring about the People, and the Planet.

I kept seeing Vajrasattva sitting above the world, the beautiful snow still falling, and the world ever so gradually but without question transforming from a place of sadness and fear, into a world of Joy and Love and Kindness, first to ourselves and then to each other.

This morning very early and still in bed, I could hear Bodhi my 5 year old racing around downstairs, looking under the Christmas tree, shouting out in the most excited of voices about the presents he discovered that weren’t there last night, then breaking into a high pitched rendition of Feliz Navidad. I thought of all the children who are no longer with us this Christmas and my heart yearned for them to know the innocence and pure pleasure that my youngest son was experiencing in that moment.

I saw so clearly that whatever we choose to do from now on, from this very moment onward, it is for the Children. This will become their world sooner than we realize.

What a true gift to leave them a World of Loving Kindness. To leave them a place of tremendous beauty.

Like snow falling on Christmas Day.

Blessings to each of you reading this. And please share this message if you like.

Like snow falling on Christmas Day, until the whole world is covered.



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