Clarity + Chaos | Meghan Gilroy

Whew! It’s a treat to sit down and write. I’ve missed this time together, Shaman Girls.

When I picture these last few weeks, I see myself standing solidly in the middle of a vortex – hair flying, dust swirling, and power surging up from the earth to the sky. Sometimes I’m in the center – calm and gleeful at what’s been created; in clarity. Then, pop! I’m swirling around in the vortex – wheeee-ewww! stumbling around in the chaos. 

Clarity + chaos go hand in hand from my point of view. We state a intent (consciously or not), “I want more deep quiet in my life… I desire to launch a new program in my biz… I need to listen to my intuition more…” and whoosh! The universe rushes in to grant our wish. Only it rarely appears in the way we envision. Often chaos ensues. We want quiet and suddenly we have transportation troubles that keep us closer to home. We want our business to grow and then our little one gets sick (or we do) and it slows our momentum. We yearn to connect to our intuition and the doubt in our head drowns out what our body is telling us.

When the chaos happens, I often scratch my head. “What just happened? What did I do wrong? This isn’t what I asked for!”

And then I catch myself. It’s a clear signal to take my foot off of having the pedal to the medal and slow down. I trace the chaos back to the clarity. I own my intent and see the opportunity the chaos is bringing for even deeper awareness and authenticity.

If I’ve been receiving the signal for quiet, did I heed it or did I need an external bump to nudge me toward quiet? What’s shifting inside of me to make more space to breathe and slow? If I want to expand my business and I become sick, have I been pushing too hard? How do I want to expand? What’s the quality of energy I’m using? If I am trying to tune into my intuition, what stories and thoughts in my overactive head need to be loved up and released so I can attune to a deeper channel?

As a brilliant dreamer and manifestor, it’s easy for me to see the big picture. I can feel and taste where I want my business to be, where I want my relationships and finances to be. So I regularly have to haul my bodacious bottom back into the here and now. Our spiritual energetic bodies create much more quickly than we do in physical reality. (Thankfully – can you imagine if every stray thought instantly came true? Shudder…) A little patience and the reminder to enjoy the process is being called in as I flow between the dreamtime and the daily. What’s the point of dreaming new, bigger, more or different if we are miserable in the now?

I’m dancing with harnessing the energy of my dust devilish creative self and grounding that with clear action. I’m inviting myself to be gentle instead of frustrated at the pace my desire appears in this everyday world. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time talking myself down – when the doubts or fears get loud, I have a chat with them. I hear you, but let’s look at what has shifted, what has been done. And I bring my attention back to clarity to refocus on what direction I’m headed with life flying every which way.

We are wicked good at manifesting, as we Bostonians would say. Yes, YOU. There is SO much energy available to each and every one of us. We just need to plant our feet on the ground, check in with our hearts, and let it rip. Then come back to clarity and inspired action, over and over again.

So do tell… what have you been clear about? What chaos has appeared? How do you navigate through it? Leave a comment below or post on Facebook please.

Sending each of you a big hug. It means so much to me to ride out these whirlwinds with you by my side,

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