Cheerleading Camp | Meghan Gilroy

Once a month I open the doors of our home to my Shaman Girl friends who are healers and teachers. In streams a few yoga teachers, a handful massage therapists, various life coaches, artists, some authors, and a shaman or two. Some of us can articulate what we offer and how we are in service succinctly; others of us are still figuring it out.

Each of us brings a dish to share. And the feast is abundant and yummy. Yet what we really bring and offer to each other is unconditional acceptance.

We sit around the table and share our fears and dreams and funny stories. We talk about visions and energy and knowings. We describe our inner processes, lay ourselves bare.We talk about what’s in our hearts, what truly matters. Masks drop. No one needs to watch what she says for fear that it will seem too strange, too much, or too out there.

Sometimes there are tears. Always there is laughter and lots of heads nodding in understanding. Because each month, we seem to reflect each other’s experiences in our own unique ways. We are truly in community, all navigating life together.

It’s delightful to witness each other’s journeys from month to month. In the past month, I’ve felt mucky and messy and in my humanness. Then this week, I felt like I popped up to the surface and could feel the light again. I feel in the flow, grateful for my life. I’ve been making the time and space to deeply nurture myself and be present and caring of those around me – my family, my parents, my friends in need, or just friends visiting who I enjoy. I’ve been watching for when my energy dips or contracts and gently moving myself back into a more expansive space. I’ve left go of a lot of the worry and doubt about how my career will come together. Instead, I am living and allowing and seeing what shows up in the moment.

Today I spoke about how I wanted to make time for a project that would bring me pleasure and give me deep satisfaction – a small project that would take only a few hours to complete. (Nothing grand like writing a book or making a movie, please!) These Pleasure Projects often wallow at the bottom of my to do list. So by  speaking my project aloud, I was making myself accountable to the group. And I love how the group holds whatever each of us says in their own hearts with their own intent. We each sprinkle a bit of our own fairy dust on each other’s dreams.

So I proposed that we each write down a project, snap a photo, post it on Shaman Girl. Then when we completed the project, we’d take a photo of our “ta da!” and post that too.

Soon heads were bent over paper. Colored markers were flying around the table. Tongues hung out of the corners of mouths, foreheads slightly wrinkled in deep concentration.

Here’s what we are creating:

 Kacy Pierce – Make Gifts for People I Love.

 Nancy Carlson – Walks. Sweet Deep Talks. Quiet Meditations. Poems. Writing, writing. Singing & Dancing.

Christine Lucas – Create an Adventure Wall.
Marie Manning – Doodle.
Jaishree Spielman – Learn to play the harmonium
Suu Feathers – Set aside one whole day to paint. Painting. Paint.
Janeen Barnett – Polarity under the moon & stars.
And me… Frame Photos of my loved ones.
Debra Duxbury plans to, “Paint my ceiling. Spruce up my house.”
Aren’t these ladies glorious? The projects divine?
As we worked our way around the table sharing our Pleasure Projects, Kacy said, “This is like being at cheerleading camp! Everyone cheers for you so that you walk away saying ‘Yes! I can do it…'”
So I am officially inviting you to join in our cheerleading camp. Create a Pleasure Project of your own. Snap a photo of your project written on paper, or the back of your hand. Post it on Shaman Girl Facebook. When you’re done post a picture of it finished.
Let’s inspire each other. Cheer for each other. Feel the joy in our hearts when we know that one of our sisters accomplished a dream. It may feel a little scary to put your dream out there, to write it on paper for the world to see and then feel accountable to complete it. But I’m willing to bet a backflip that you will feel so good when you complete it. And we’ll all feel good with you.
So what say you Shaman Girl? Are you inspired?
Hip hip horray! I am…
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