Call Me Crazy… Really. Truly. | Meghan Gilroy

Call me crazy, but I’ve been having lots of talks with the Universe these days.


They go something like this…


Me: WTF?!? Sorry… but really, WTF?!? I’m about to freak out here. I’m feeling helpless. I don’t know what to do. And yes, I know, I get it. Accept it. Let it go. Have faith. Blah, blah, blah.


Universe: Ho ho HO! Are you done?


Me: —


Universe: (smiling)


Me: Fine. What??


Uni: You’ve been telling me what you want – what you TRULY REALLY want, which is not quite what you have or are experiencing. I’ve given you plenty of time and opportunities to shift, but I see that I need to make it a bit uncomfortable for you to really truly want to make a change. So I am giving you exactly what you asked for.


Me: Really??


Uni: Yes, I am making the way for the new. I am working on manifesting exactly what you desire, so work with me here.


Me: But does it have to be so freakin’ uncomfortable?


Uni: No! If you choose to be happy, at peace, in the moment with whatever is showing up right now, then you got it. The career, the finances, the lifestyle will all follow. See?


Me: —


Uni: Really. Truly. I swear.


Amen. Here’s hoping…


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