Being-ness in Business (with an Akashic Records Reading Thrown In) | Meghan Gilroy

I fully expected that an Akashic Records reading would be full of juicy tidbits from past lives. (Start the fidgeting now – past lives is on the edge of my woo-woo tolerance meter.)


Yet Mona Wind thoroughly surprised me when she gave me a clear, non-woowoo, not really about past lives reading several months ago. What she said to me, condensed below, applies to so many of us conscious heart-based business women.


I’ve been sitting deeply with the question of how to create a profitable business around Shaman Girl. One that truly serves – offering you products or programs that you want or need to bring out the juicy, fierce, mindful, purposeful good shininess that already exists within you, while enabling me to make a living and give back to causes that are important to me.


As I’ve been defining my audience and ideal clients and learning business building techniques – all of which feel perfectly part of my path, I also keep receiving the reminder that at the core of all of this busy-ness is me. Spacious, un-nameable, being-ness me.


A new Shaman Girl emailed me the other day and in our email exchange, she thanked me for being friendly. That was enough for her. And I thought, “Wow, that’s it. And that’s easy.” Being friendly is an inherent, natural part of me because I care and wish the best for every one of us.


So when I start to feel a bit boxed in by all the business speak, when my constantly changing Shaman Girl self starts squirming, I’m going to remember these words:


My natural state is space and I can trust others will be attracted to me because of my being-ness.


That’s not to say I’m not business coachable too.


I’m embracing all of me. The formless spiritual being that likes to wander the cosmos and the business woman who can sell and do Quickbooks and provide needed services.


Ditto for you.


We can be spiritual and practical. We can do it.


May we both remember:


We are creating our lives and work in a way that has never been created before. There are no examples of this new way of being.


We no longer need to fear that we will be used, abused, or destroyed for our awareness and ability.


Fear and doubt are a distraction of you being YOU. It is time to step into that world of knowing who you are and how you want to express yourself as a person. It’s time to let go of the story of who you were and where you came from. It’s time to create without being defined by a roles, ideas, or conceptions.


The world has opened up enough that we don’t need to fear being labeled as woo-woo, weird or crazy.


You have always been different. This is who you are. Let go of worrying about being different. You don’t have to share who you are with everyone, only the people who can receive you.


We no longer need to experience judgment. We no longer need to expect that others will meet us where we are.


You are not here to help people. You are not here to share a message or inspire others. You are here to express yourself, to make beautiful creations. Your creations do not define your value on this planet.


People do not need to be awakened, healed or changed. This sets up an energy of superiority – that you are right and aware and they are wrong. It puts you in a bind because now there is a job that you are supposed to do.


People will come to you because of who you are as a being, not because of what you do.


You can trust that people will be attracted to you because of your being-ness.


You being you has nothing to do with someone else’s point of view about you. It’s not about their acceptance or understanding of you. You don’t have to cut yourself in pieces based on who you are talking to. There is no hiding. You are you and you have an awareness of how you communicate with them in a way that is kind and that they can handle.


Being spacy – misplacing keys or phones or forgetting if you paid a bill – is not a symptom of being woowoo. The more you let go of being defined by the roles you play and by being dense, the lighter you become. When you get lighter you are no longer attached to objects. When you need to step into practicality, you will have the awareness and ability to do so.


Your natural state is space. The roles you play and the ways you define yourself is not who you are, it’s who you pretend to be.


Here’s to being-ness and business and spaciousness and spreadsheets. Let’s go show the world what we can do!


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