12.12.12 | Meghan Gilroy


They say that today is a day of new beginnings, that the opening between the worlds is thin and so we can access great power.

The truth is I don’t know much about numerology or astrology. I do know how I feel and what I’ve been experiencing. And I’ll take and use whatever I can to bring what lives in my heart into my daily world.

Today’s what I have to play with.

I believe that all of us have a heart dream. It’s a dream that lives nestled in our hearts. It’s so precious and true to who we are at our essence that we usually hold it close to us, hidden from the world, like a poker player’s hand of cards.

We wrestle with this dream because to act on it, to be it, would mean being seen. Really seen in all our perfect, naked, glory. It means trusting that quiet voice inside instead of the loud one that comes from our head. To say yes to the quiet, crazy whispers instead of the doubts, the old fears, the tired patterns.

Saying yes to your heart dream means exposing your soft underbelly.

How brave is that?

Makes me want to cry – in relief, in joy, in sadness.

Makes my belly flip flop – in excitement and in trepidation.

Makes me want to shout from rooftops and crawl under the covers pulled up tight.

My practice these days has been to embrace it all. To love the one who wants to hide under the covers as well as the one who wants to charge out into the world. To be okay with where I am at today and not where I’m hoping, striving, making myself a little nuts to get to.

My heart dream is that I live in a space that’s connected to my heart – brave, strong, open, and yes vulnerable. I blog, write books, speak, offer retreats. I nurture myself, my family, my husband. I connect, create a tribe of women who are courageous and compassionate and spiritual and our evolving selves and who cheer for each other wildly. I adore being able to talk about my dreams or visions or hands or healing or whatever strikes my fancy today and have more nodding than looks as if I have 3 heads. And yes, I would love to figure out how to make income from this dream.

Know what I mean?

So here I sit, on 12.12.12. My heart is open. I am present in this everyday world – Shaman Boy has been dressed, fed, and dropped off at school – and I’m opening the doorways to whatever unseen forces are here to assist me in manifesting my dream – intent, love, light, fairies, guides, the universe. Bring it on.

I do believe the universe is always supporting us in birthing our heart dreams.

What’s yours?

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