The Wounded Truth | Meghan Gilroy

Embrace the truth of who you are. You are love and light. Endless possibilities abound. Shine!

For years, I’ve heard – and spouted off – these truths.

Lately? I just ain’t feeling them, Shaman Girls. Right now they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher saying “waah-waaaah-WAH-waaah-wah.”

What’s been yakking away loud and strong in my head is the wounded truth. And I know I’m not alone on this one. Apparently there’s been an epidemic going ‘round.

Wounded truth? That’s the small, shriveled, snotty part inside of us that feels like a wounded animal hunkered over in a dark corner. It’s the part that we are ashamed of, and are often embarrassed to admit or speak out loud. It’s the one that steals your breath away and leaves you shaking. And it’s know to lash out in an argument with a loved one.

It sounds like (add screeching voice):

“You don’t appreciate me!”


“I can’t take time for myself!! I feel guilty relaxing in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work! I have to much to DO!”


“There’s no way I could tell my mother that!”


“If I speak up, my relationship will be over.”

Can you relate girlfriends?

The wounded truth is true because it’s how we really feel once we stop denying what we’re feeling. It’s authentic. It’s what we’ve been keeping bottled up inside.

Lately it feels so VITAL to speak the wounded truth – with awareness. To get it out of our system and into the light. To no longer allow it to lurk and hide and devour our energy.

Because once we do speak it (to ourselves or out loud) – ahhhh. It no longer has as much power over us. We’re on the way to accepting it and loving it and calming ourselves down. Acknowledging the wounded truth heals it.

I’ve been speaking my wounded truth a lot these days, ladies. It’s humbling and painful and freeing. There have been a crazy amount of waterworks. Tectonic shifting. Healing.

As soon as I admit a wounded truth, I regain a little equilibrium. I can start seeing a little more clearly. I can reframe what I erroneously believed from my small self. I can see a glimmer of the real truth – that I am learning to value and accept myself more fully. That I am in charge of taking care of myself – no more excuses. That I can speak up and still be loved and the world doesn’t end.

It’s been immensely helpful to be gentle with myself. To talk with my amazing energy working friends and with Shaman Guy. To know that I am not alone in all this shifting. To know it’s going to be okay. To sit, go to yoga, take a bath, breathe.

Eventually, I know that I’ll get back to that place of shininess. Love. Light.

Until then? It’s raw, real, and messy over here. I’m truly, deeply okay with that… every other Thursday and on the second Tuesday of each month. And that’s good enough for now.




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