Scrumptious Sick Day | Meghan Gilroy

tid-bit/tid bit/A quick, tasty nugget of practical Shaman Girl wisdom for living real, raw & juicy.  Take a bite, Share a bit. Come back for more.

“Mimi, this is such a great day. There’s been no hurrying at all!” Shaman Boy says as he cuddled in closer to me. After sleeping 16+ hours (a world record), he awoke with a cough so I kept him home from school. We built a mouse nest of blankets, baked (gluten-free, sugar-free) cookies, listened to music, stared out the window, rolled around on yoga mats, and watched a video. When I get sick, I usually am annoyed. I question why. I grumble about whatever I have to cancel. But then I remember that I can actually enjoy being sick and not hurrying at all, which seems to help the healing process. Shaman Boy needed a day like this and I’m so happy we snuggled in together. It was truly a Scrumptious Sick Day and the little guy is feeling better. And it’s almost dinnertime and we’re still in pjs! What a luxury.

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