New Year's Resolution? Or New Vision | Meghan Gilroy

I was stopped in my tracks when my dear friend Gloria Jean, who I haven’t been in touch with for years, emailed me recently. “What’s your new world going to look like?” she inquired.

I’ve been in a process of reflection and some messy growing over the past few months (okay year… or decade!). And I’ve been contemplating how to frame my intent for the New Year. Gloria Jean’s question sparked me to wonder, “What’s going to be different in my new world and new year from the past?”

New Year’s is upon us and I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Somehow saying “this is has to stop!” or “I’m now doing to do x, y, z” feels ineffective and a set up to be judgmental when I fail to achieve the resolutions – or forget them by February. Instead, Shaman Guy and I light a fire on New Year’s Eve, pull out paper, markers, and paint and have a deep conversation about our intent and vision for the coming year. We zero in on the emotional quality that we want to create and put words to how it might come into form. Then we usually create a vision board for the year, then we post our beautiful creation in a prominent location so we are reminded throughout the year.

Are our vision boards working? Is it time for something new? I pulled out all our vision boards from the last 8 years for inspiration (thanks Mike Meyran for the impetus!). I’m amazed at what we’ve created and the consistent themes that have run through the years. And it’s certainly fun and uplifting to have a record of what we intended and what came into manifestation.







2009 (We felt spontaneous this year and just spoke our vision aloud.)




Still, I wasn’t sure about creating a vision board for 2013. I haven’t been feeling full of vision lately. More like in the fog. And then I realized that this is exactly the time when vision is so important. I need a beam of light to guide me through what I’ve been thinking, feeling, and experiencing.

While I’m in need of a vision for the 2013 board and I’m not sure yet what form it will take, I am committed to creating one tomorrow night. My guess is that it will reflect this year – when I need to know, the intuition will appear. Here’s praying!

What’s your plan for New Year’s? Do you make resolutions? A vision board? Party? Please comment or post on our Facebook wall. I can use some inspiration!


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