20 Things I Mean to Do Someday (Hopefully Before I Kick It!) | Meghan Gilroy

20 Things I Mean to Do Someday (Hopefully Before I Kick It!)

✔  1. Jump on the Jumpy Thing (at the mall.)
2. Fly on a trapeze.
✔  3. Fly to Paris on a whim. (Ok, we did plan it. We do have a little one that can’t legally be left alone for a week after all.)
4. Live in another country.
5. Publish a wildly successful book.
6. Be interviewed by Oprah on her show (whoops!)
7. Design and build a home with Shaman Guy that we own outright within a community of people we love.
8. Learn Irish Step Dancing.
9. Be fully fluent in Spanish.
10. Vacation in the Caribbean for 10 days – just lying around on the beach, reading silly books, relaxing.
½ ✔ 11. Sit and dream daily to deeply connect with myself. (I’ll give myself a half check for this since sometimes I sit daily.)
✔ 12. Spend a girls’ weekend with my friend Pink.
13. Read Shaman Guy’s published book.
14. Take a trip to Spain with Shaman Guy and Shaman Boy.
15. Have an art studio that I actually use.
16. Do a 7-day silent meditation retreat.
17. Come up with 3 more things I want to do.

What’s on your list?