Make Me A Meditation! | Meghan Gilroy

Make Me A Meditation!

I loooove the expanded, oozy space that I sink into after meditating… I just don’t always take myself there since I have a full life and a big to do list. I’ll bet you can relate!

A Meditation Made Just for YOU

What if you had a personalized, customized, fit-just-right meditation made especially for you? One that will give you an extra nudge to sit still and drop into that sweet spot?

You design it. It could be to:

  • Start your morning with clarity and inspiration
  • Guide you to receive a message about a challenge
  • Heal pain in your body
  • Dissolve anger, sadness, or other uncomfortable emotions
  • Bring more abundance into your life
  • Relax before going to sleep
  • Or [fill in the blank… insert your desire or imagination here!]

How’s this work?

Email me the answer to these questions, along with your phone number.

1. What’s up for you in your life right now?

2. What is the purpose of the meditation you’d like us to create?

3. How would you like to feel after listening to your meditation?

Meditation + Mini-Coaching Session

We’ll schedule 30 minutes to chat via phone and zone in on the focus of your meditation.

Then we’ll record a 10-15 minute guided meditation.

I’ll also provide you with at least two tools or strategies to move forward with your challenge.

It’s a meditation + Mini-Coaching Session rolled into one – at a huge discount to my regular coaching fees!

Then voila, I send you an mp3 version of your meditation that you can use anytime.

The $97 $49 investment is so worth the inspiration + motivation + results.

“I woke up quite frazzled from a dream. Did your guided meditation and feel so much more gathered to proceed through my day! Thank You so much! Whew, can breathe now…” – Donna, Massage Therapist

“I’ve never been able to meditate before even though I’ve tried many times, using different methods. Then I listened to your meditation and for the first time ever, I actually dropped down and meditated. Amazing! Thank you.”  – Maura, Mom