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the Tribe

Are you a Fully Shining Woman?

Shaman Girls are fully shining women who love fiercely, live juicy, parent mindfully, and work purposefully while wildly supporting each other. We dance between the practical and inspiring, the messy and the mystery, the everyday and the extraordinary.

Step 1 :: Join the Tribe!

Don’t you love when you find a friend who doesn’t think you’re “out there”? How about a whole supportive community of gal pals who do?

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Step 2 :: Take action!

Crave girltime or “me” time? Gather with other Shaman Girls to rejuvenate, launch your next dream, and face your doubts and fears in a compassionate, empowering space. At SHAMAN GIRL EVENTS, you’ll bust through limitations, reconnect to your intuition, meet soul sisters, and be ready to take clear, inspired action.

At a crossroads? In physical or emotional discomfort? Need a boost to transform how you love, live, or parent? Powerful, personal one-on-one hands on SHAMANIC HEALING sessions in person or SHAMANIC LIFE COACHING via phone. Email me.

Glad you’re here. (Overjoyed actually!) Let the raw, the real, and the fun begin!

P.S. Got an idea for how Shaman Girls can connect? play? support others? Email your ideas!