Still Not Sure What A Shaman Girl Is? | Meghan Gilroy

Still Not Sure What A Shaman Girl Is?

Still wondering just what the heck is a shaman?

In days gone by, when we were more connected to the land and still running around in furs, the shaman was the spiritual leader of the tribe. Traditionally male, he walked between the worlds – the everyday “here and now” and the otherworldly realms that defy explanation.

The shaman would induce himself into a trance, often with the use of powerful herbs, dancing, chanting, or drumming, usually in front of a fire. He would travel to other realms to gather information for healing and empowering the people in his tribe. He might bring back a knowing about how to heal a sick compatriot or be able to direct the seed sowers just where to lay down their crops. Because of his wisdom, he was often revered or even feared. He was one powerful dude in his tribe.

But enough already with what was – it’s time for a shaman image makeover!

I am a Shaman Girl and I know there are millions more like me out there. We don’t look or act like the stereotype.  Shamans no longer are a special chosen few or only men. And we don’t need no stinkin’ fire. We have enough to tend to in our daily lives.

All of us, everyone – even those who admittedly deny or doubt it – are connected to source. All of us have intuition. All of us have a special gift that if we are brave enough to identify it and share it, will create happiness and abundance in our own lives and can touch the lives of others in this world.

More and more of us are walking between worlds, whether it’s between our inner knowing and our outer daily and often messy lives – or between having a spiritual circle as well as a “regular, normal” everyday life. All of us have been scared to reveal our most secret, most precious, and rather vulnerable inner self. Sure, some of us are a few steps farther along on the path of awakening to the truth of our wild, wonderful Shaman Girl selves. But if I, a skinny white girl from a middle class suburb in Steeler Nation can do it, so can you.

Shamans. Healers. Goddesses. Witches. Energy Workers. Priestesses. Spiritual Teachers. Life Coaches. Doctors. Gurus. Nuns. Ministers. We’ve gone by many names, in all traditions, in all religions. Across all social classes, races, and styles of clothing. Yes, of course we have doubts about our power, about whether this energy mumbo-jumbo is real. But deep down, we know. We trust our inner wisdom, our authenticity, our hearts. We can live – dance! – with one foot in each world. Bridging the spiritual with the practical is our life’s work.

And it’s a whole lot easier to wave your magic wand about if you aren’t stuffed into a closet. It’s time to come out into the light and embrace our inner shamans. Won’t you join me?