Shaman Girls Rule | Meghan Gilroy

Shaman Girls Rule

We don’t like rules, but we do agree to play nicely

1. It’s a come as you are party – whether you’re full of passion or hardly able to get out of bed, have clarity or are utterly confused.
 It’s totally cool to be messy and real and raw. Or over-the-top happy and joyful. Everybody’s invited, no matter what state you’re currently in.

2. We are one.
 We all come from spirit. Spirit says, “I love you, and you, and you. You rock. You are a superstar. You can do anything.” That makes us all equally special. (Awww.) And if you’re human, you most likely have the same fears – that we aren’t loveable or good enough or perfect, and same dreams – to be happy and healthy. Therefore, we use the third essential.

3. We practice using gentle words and kind hands (as I have to keep reminding Shaman Boy).
 It can be challenging to be vulnerable! So we practice speaking to ourselves, and others, kindly and gently even when we disagree. Please share your thoughts, musings, and questions – just do so kindly and respectfully. We help by reaching out and pitching in however we can – with good vibes, a joke, a prayer, money, or action.

4. We are all evolving.
 That means when we forget or fall out of awareness, we get to practice radical self-loving acceptance and forgiveness – and try again. And damn it, we reserve the right to change our minds at any time.

5. Love is the most powerful force in the world.
 Love overcomes fear, limitations, confusion, judgment, and competition. We are on the same team here, doing our best to love ourselves and each other. Love rules. And Shaman Girls rock.