Live Juicy | Meghan Gilroy

Live Juicy

Fully Shining Women live juicy – fully, richly, deeply.

Claiming the title “Fully Shining Woman” means we are committed to our growth. When we feel lackluster in our relationships, career, parenting, or finances, we tackle the ongoing (sigh) process of transformation. Even on bad hair days.

We know that the invisible, what cannot be seen but rather felt – compassion, acceptance, joy, and even sadness, are so much more powerful and important than the tangible, such as houses, and cars, and lipstick, and phones. Not that we mind the houses and cars and lipstick and phones, we just have our priorities straight.

We are all about authenticity + intuition. That small quiet place within our self that just knows and is tapped. We find our own unique creative way to connect to our purpose – dancing, finger painting, writing, teaching, playing with our children, meditating, yoga.

We follow our hearts and delight in the surprising places they take us. We let emotion flow through us.We often leap into the unknown. We carve out the time to nurture body, mind + spirit – to take a bath or a deep breath, to sit still, to get together with our girlfriends. From this space, we have the energy to care for others. We believe in having fun. Not the kind of fun that everyone else is having, but what truly makes us content and joyful. Even if that just looks like reading on the couch. Or riding a bucking bronco. Whatever it is that makes YOUR heart sing.

We cheer for other Fully Shining Women! We don’t have to agree with each other, like the same things, or have the same lifestyles. But we do respect one another. It’s hard enough to be a Fully Shining Women in this world so we do it together!

You are beautiful + strong inside and out. Have the courage to live in a way that makes YOU happy. Dare to dream. Live Juicy, Fully Shining Women! Be the bright shining light that you are.

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