Fully Shining Women Tribe | Meghan Gilroy

Fully Shining Women Tribe

Are you ready to sparkle and shine? Live juicy? Love fiercely? Parent mindfully? Work purposefully?

What’s makes YOUR inner light shine? And what prevents it from radiating fully?

I’m Meghan Gilroy, Shaman Girl and Fearless Leader of the Fully Shining Woman Movement. I’m on a mission to create a tribe of women (and a few brave men) who fully shine in every drop of our lives.

Fully Shining Women are…


:: Juicy

Full of light. Huge heart. Intuitive. Nurturing. Receptive. Tapped in. Strong.

How do I nourish my body, heart, & spark so I glow vibrantly?

The Focus: Self-love. “Me” Time. Personal Growth. Spirituality. Health.


:: Fierce

Authentic. Free. Intimate. Abundant. Courageous.

How do I dance with the spiritual and the practical?

The Focus: Conscious Relationships. Romance. Finances. Play.


:: Mindful

Aware. Balanced. Heart-centered. Limit-less. Growing.

What is ready to shift within me so I can shine fully?

The Focus: Beliefs. Doubts. Fears. Stress. Family + Friends. Parenting.


:: Purposeful

Clarity. Vision. Fire. Creativity. Manifestation. Direction. Inspiration.

How do I express my unique gifts and light in the world?

The Focus: Livelihood. Home. Beauty. Style. Giving back.


Shall we dance? What’s your style?

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