What's a Modern Shaman? | Meghan Gilroy

What’s a Modern Shaman?

I’m a transformational life coach + shaman with a modern twist. Traditionally, a shaman is a spiritual leader who can dance between the worlds – the everyday “here and now” and the otherworldly realms that defy explanation – to gather information for healing and empowering the tribe. Me? I create fun, practical, power*filled tools that spiritual heart-based women can use in our everyday lives so we can shine fully.

Here’s how I live my life as a Modern Shaman + Fully Shining Woman:

  • I believe in the power of LOVE, especially when life is ugh. I regularly sprinkle love in our laundry. I’m mindful about how I treat my loved ones – even on the days when I want to pull my hair out.
  • I feel a deep connection with life/god/source. What fires me up is being in tune with my true self as I navigate my everyday life as a mama, wife, entrepreneur, life coach, daughter…
  • At least a few of my friends or family think I’m wee bit zany.
  • I follow my heart, even when it leaves me shaking my head in wonder. Life repeatedly reminds me (sometimes painfully!) to trust myself and listen to my intuition, feelings, dreams + visions. I speak my truth – even when it takes my breath away and stirs up my deepest fears. I feel strongly and easily pick up how others feel.
  • I know I’m powerful. I have choice. And I use it. But occasionally, I do crawl under the covers.
  • Books, websites, friends, places come to me through serendipity + coincidence, just at the right time. Love that.
  • My friends say that I’m creative, compassionate + caring non-judgmental deep listener, authentic, centered, intuitive, perceptive, a visionary, honest, generous, intelligent and fun. God, I have the greatest friends!
  • I am freakishly good at connecting women who wildly support each other, standing at the intersection of the practical + spiritual, being secure in my vulnerability, writing about my process that makes others feel “I’m not alone,” and bringing out the best in others.
  • I am drawn to power spots, following my gypsy soul, trekking into nature, and mucking about with Shaman Boy. I am deeply, madly in love with my husband Shaman Guy and we’ve been married for 10 years.
  • Yoga. Yes. Dancing. Yes. Massage. Oh yeah. Baths. Please! Mani-pedis too. I enjoy pampering my body, moving it, shaking it, getting rubbed in all the right places. I do my best to take care of myself because heaven knows I take care of plenty of others, like some many of us do.
  • Passion. Peace. Purpose. I say yes to all three – and I want them for every single person on this planet – including you. My calling is to be that spark that inspires other women to shine fully. Won’t you play with me?