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the Family

Jamie Gilroy (the love of my life & husband)

My version of hot, hunky shaman love is named Jamie Gilroy. He is a bit of an oxymoron: a guy’s guy who is also sensitive, protective and wholly supportive. He looks equally yummy dressed as a mountain man in New Hampshire as he does roaming the streets of Paris. He loves anything with wheels, possibly more than he loves me. His current collection includes three motorcycles, a pickup, antique Land Cruiser, and countless pedal bikes. I ADORE this man, who is also a stellar father and successful businessman, after over a decade of marriage. And yes, he still sometimes makes me crazy – both in good ways and as in just plain mad. I thank my lucky stars I said yes to marrying him on our first date. Since then, it’s been a “hold onto your panties, we’re in for a wild ride” kind of life.

Bodhi Quinn (our 7 year old)

Bodhi is my punkerdoodle – always up to something you vowed you wouldn’t tolerate as a parent, but then… you can’t resist, and laugh out loud. He knows things that are totally unexplainable and can somehow manifest nexy-day UPS deliveries for an out of stock desperately needed toy. He is sweet as can be, but I admit to losing it at times when he says, “Please Mimi, just one more…” Yep, he’s willful, intuitive, maddening, and (thank God) old enough to go to school daily. Luckily he’s also adorable and highly kissable.  His t-shirt collection represents his interests: a robot, a microscope, and lots of heavy construction equipment. He is currently working on demolishing our yard and developing encyclopedic knowledge on how things are made. And he’s a specialist in melting my heart with his smile.

Téa June Isis (our bambina)

Téa means “gift from God” and she certainly is one for us. She arrived in a quick, intense, and yes, easy, home birth – within hours of my father’s passing. She is surrounded by an amazing community of fairy godmothers, been on a women’s retreat in utero in Teotihuacan (aka Teo, hence the inspiration for her name), carries the name of her beloved, deceased and highly spiritual grandmother, as well as some crazy connections to the goddess Isis. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of all this woo-woo. She is a welcome addition to our family and she’s been a wonder in teaching Bodhi that Bigs take care of their Littles.


Nick (the big brother)

Nick is my son and I love to watch people’s faces try to calculate how this is humanly possible. Since I majorly dislike the term “stepson,” I like to say that Nick is a son who came from another mother. I’ve known Nick since he was a head shorter than my shoulder and we bonded while playing Legos. Now he towers over me and plays Legos for hours with Bodhi. He is sweet and thoughtful and helpful and wasn’t your typical teenager (not that he didn’t get us riled up a few times.) Nick lives a killer life – he went to boarding school to play soccer in Italy, and now has a fabulous girlfriend, attends grad school in the mountains of Colorado, and fulfills his passion for riding bikes by getting paid to guide others in crisscrossing the country – in 30 days. (You couldn’t pay me enough to do that!) I am proud to be his Megsy.

Erin (Nick’s gorgeous girlfriend)

Erin is stunning enough to be a model, creative enough to have her own store on etsy, and sweet enough to hang out with Bodhi almost any time I asked. There are not many people who could seamlessly fit into living with our zany shaman family. Luckily, Erin is a total sweetheart and spiritually tapped in. She has a huge heart and cares passionately about the environment. And she dresses in her own totally unique and hip style. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as her.

Old Dog & Yellow
Our two puppadoos. Old Dog (Gorda) grew up with a pack of dogs on a shaman’s ranch without ever getting in a car, being on a leash, or stepping paw inside a house. She wins the most evolved dog award – not only for the countless hours she’s spent at spiritual retreats but also for a total lifestyle makeover when we hauled her back East. She repaid us for rescuing her by training Yellow (Juno), our rescue pup who was completely scared and traumatized when he arrived from Tennessee. Now he repays Old Dog by bossing her around and hogging 99% of the back seat. He thinks Bodhi is his chew toy. We are a modern, mixed, tail-waggingly lively household!