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Shaman Girl is a coming of age memoir by Meghan Gilroy.

Shaman Girl is an unlikely, true tale of transformation from an All-American, middle-class overachiever from Pittsburgh who aspires to be “just like everyone else” to a Shaman Girl who follows her own heart – which leads her to surprising places. Hilarious and heart-touching, we journey alongside Meghan as she falls down a spiritual rabbit hole, struggles to embrace her inner shaman, and suffers major whiplash from navigating the everyday alongside the extraordinary.

This book is more than one woman’s journey to accept her most precious, secret, and vulnerable self – it’s an invitation to become spiritual and spunky. Shaman Girl is the basis of a movement to live juicy and merge the messy and the magic in everyday life.

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I have a secret to confess. I am a Shaman Girl. I shudder slightly at blatantly admitting my secret identity to the world like that. After all, a middle-class white girl from Pittsburgh isn’t your most likely candidate for being a shaman. And what will my neighbors say, not to mention my parents?

While I do my fair share of woo-woo, I just have to draw the line when people go all angels, crystals, fairies, or past lives on me. I feel most comfortable blissed out in a formless state, tapped into source, but I also make my pilgrimages to Target in a mini-Cooper with grubby handprints on the window. I don’t wear leather, especially leather with fringe, except when on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. I do have a few small, discrete feathers in my hair, but so do half of the third graders in town who are sporting the latest feather extensions trend.

Go figure, only I haven’t figured it out myself yet. But it’s time to embrace my inner shaman. Not just mine, but yours, too. Us spiritual seekers and light workers need to come out of the closet some day. And the best I can reckon, that time is NOW.

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Meghan’s writings and teachings have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Holistic Education Review, Children Magazine and in the book  Round Peg, Square Hole. She is the author of  Improving Communication Skills, Appreciating Differences and Learning About Cultures (Teaching & Learning Company, 1995, 1995, & 1997) and acted as the technical advisor for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom (Alpha, 2005).

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