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Tame the Doubt Demon Ecourse Week 3

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  • Watch Week 3 Video: Doubt Demystified
  • Complete the Time In Audio Exercise:  Connect the Dots
  • Do your Homework: Practice Makes the Master
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How Shift Happens

When most of us encounter doubt or fear, we don’t automatically think, “This is good! Truly!” No. Instead, we think, “Uh-oh, this is bad. Something must be wrong. I wanted more love and light and instead I got doubt and fear!”

No. No. No. No. No.

The doubt is not bad. It’s not a problem. In fact, the doubt is a sure sign that SHIFT IS HAPPENING.

If you were motoring along in life, doing the same ol’, same ol’, doubt would not be making an appearance. But you desire more, so the universe is conspiring to help you. It just needs to clear the doubt away. In fact, I believe that the universe is actually checking in to see if you are serious and committed to your desire. It’s saying “Are you sure?” And your actions and choices from here determine what happens next.

Some part of you – conscious or not – invited in “more” and doubt appeared. You’ve rounded the first bend of your journey and the “Caution! Construction Ahead!” lights are flashing. You are constructing a new you.

While it would be lovely to be able to just up and move into a new home (aka our true self), we humans carry our baggage with us. Growing and evolving is more like remodeling your home than moving into a new one. As Shaman Guy has to remind his clients when he’s renovating their homes, he’s going to have to tear down walls and create a big dusty mess before they get to live in their beautiful, expanded, improved home. Patience please.

Same goes with making over your life. Your intent for a new, improved, expanded you is going to kick up the dust of doubt and fear. This process can be uncomfortable – but with your new understanding of doubt, you can move through it more easily and gracefully.


Desiring more = Doubt showing up


This is good. Repeat after me. This is good. All is well. I am okay.

But don’t believe me; test this out for yourself.

Which feels better?

Take 30 seconds to read the statements below and check into your body. Take a deep breath, then close your eyes after you’re done reading each statement.

Numero uno: “This doubt sucks. I’m never going to get out of it.”


How does that feel?


Number 2: “This doubt is uncomfortable, but I’m growing and this is a sure sign of progress.”


What about now?


You have doubt. You can either tell yourself that it’s bad, it sucks, it’s hopeless and feel icky. Or you can acknowledge that it’s uncomfortable and tell yourself that it’s okay. You’re on the right track. I dunno about you, but I’ll take option number two please. Let’s practice.

Time In: Connect the Dots


(To play or pause, click to the far left.)

How is your Big Dream connected to your doubt? Fill in the statements below. Use the page from your ebook or your journal.


I can now see that my desire to _______________________________________ (refer back to Week 2, Big Dream)


brought up my doubt about __________________________________________ (refer back to Week 1, The Doubt Dump)


Now for a bonus:


But this is good because it means that ________________________________


Example: I can now see that my desire to make more money in my business brought up my doubt about whether I talented enough and skilled enough to make it with so many other programs out there. But this is good because I’m seeing that I really do want to be successful and I’m willing to do what it takes, step-by-step.


Every time you connect the dots and see the good in your doubt, you give the doubt less power and re-focus your attention (which is amazingly powerful) on the positive. Repeat this exercise for each doubt that has been arising.

Okay, so:


Doubt = Good

Got it?


Homework: Practice Makes the Master

Each time you catch the Doubt Demon talking this week or you feel the emotions connected to the Doubt Demon, pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself why the Doubt Demon has appeared. My doubt is coming up because I’m creating my Big Dream. Sit and breathe with the doubt and the sensations and emotions it brings until you feel more neutral or you feel a release. Then visualize your “done deal” Big Dream.


I know you must have questions. And I want to hear about your progress – and challenges. Join me on a live exclusive teleclass for Tame the Doubt Demon Ecourse participants Tuesday, May 14th, 8pm ET. Ask questions + receive micro-coaching. RSVP by email.

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(If you can’t join us, the call will be recorded and posted on Week 4.)

See you then!

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