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Special Offer

As a heart-felt thank you, you can register for the Tame the Doubt Demon E-Course with a special offer.

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Tame the Doubt Demon! :: Transform Struggle to Clarity E-Course

When you’re feeling insecure, lost, confused, small, or frustrated, then I’d bet the Doubt Demon has you in its clutches!

Nearly everyone has an encounter with the Doubt Demon (and its friend Fear) on our way to shining fully, but this pesky critter doesn’t have to prevent us from creating a life or business we love. You can tame the Doubt Demon and feel confident, focused, inspired, and connected – if you know:

  • The Biggest Myth About Doubt + How to Reframe It
  • How to Convert Doubt into Growth
  • 3 Simple Steps to Scrub Clean the Doubt Demon
  • The Most Important Doubt-Busting Action

The bigger you dream and the brighter you shine, the more opportunity the Doubt Demon has to say “got’cha!” – unless you practice taming it. I’ve struggled with the Doubt Demon in my relationships, parenting, + business  – until I remember to pull these simple + power*filled tools out of my medicine bag. I want you to feel the high that comes from overcoming your doubt + fears too.

This ecourse delivers:

  • 6 weeks of activities + videos + homework in a online training center, with reminders delivered to your inbox
  • live teleclass mid-course for mini-coaching sessions & Q+A
  • Micro-coaching through your online questions + comments
  • Access to a private Tame the Doubt Demon Facebook Group for extra love + support
  • Bonus Tame The Doubt Demon Ebook

Ecourse begins Thursday, April 25th through May 30th. Activities are posted weekly, which you can access at anytime at your convenience.

Week 1:          Overcoming the Doubt Demon (That Pesky Little Critter)

  • What doubt sounds and feels like
  • 3 old, ineffective responses to doubt
  • Why doubt is the fast track to a more magnificent you
  • How to clearly pull your doubt out of hiding

Audio Exercise:          The Doubt Dump
Bonus!            My struggles with doubt

Week 2:          Doubt Demystified

  • 3 myths doubt thrives on
  • Why doubt needs to be welcomed – not judged or resisted
  • How doubt is connected to a bigger vision and bigger dream for yourself

Audio Exercise: Dream Big!
Bonus!                  My interview with shaman Susan Feathers on Overcoming Doubt

Week 3:          How Shift Happens

  • Why doubt is GOOD, not bad
  • A more effective way to respond to daily doubt – that will have you feeling mo’ better
  • How to see the connection between your Doubt Demon and your Big Dream

Audio Exercise:          Connect the Dots
Bonus!                        Live Teleclass Tuesday, May 14th, 8pm ET. Ask questions + receive micro-coaching. (If you can’t join us, the call will be recorded.)

 Week 4:          A New Trick for Your Medicine Bag

  • Why resisting doubt won’t work
  • New trick: feeling
  • The science behind releasing doubt (or any emotion)
  • Why Throwing a Pity Party for yourself is empowering

Audio Exercise:          90 Second Pity Party
Bonus:                        Surprise Bonus this week!

Week 5:          Burn, Baby, Burn

  • Why my silly Doubt Demon hat is a key to clearing out doubt
  • How to have huge gratitude for that pesky little critter
  • How to create a powerful ceremony to release your doubt

Bonus Audio Exercise:          Farewell Doubt Demon
Audio Exercise:                      Burn, Baby Burn

Week 6:          And Action!

  • The biggest, best doubt-busting action you can take
  • How to create an action plan based on clarity
  • Integrating doubt taming into your daily practice
  • Opportunities for deeper, more personalized support around doubt

Audio Exercise:                      Action Plan
Bonus!                                         Success: Tips & Tools

Register now and stop feeling stuck, start feeling inspired.

Regular Investment: $97 Special Offer: $79

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