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Tame the Doubt Demon Ecourse Introduction

Welcome to the Tame the Doubt Demon Ecourse Free Introduction!

When you’re feeling insecure, lost, confused, small, or frustrated, then I’d bet the Doubt Demon has you in its clutches!

Nearly everyone has an encounter with the Doubt Demon (and its friend Fear) on our way toshining fully, but this pesky critter doesn’t have to prevent us from creating a life or business we love. You can tame the Doubt Demon and feel confident, focused, inspired, and connected – if you know:

  • The Biggest Myth About Doubt + How to Reframe It
  • How to Convert Doubt into Growth
  • 3 Simple Steps to Scrub Cleanthe Doubt Demon
  • The Most Important Doubt-Busting Action

The bigger you dream and the brighter you shine, the more opportunity the Doubt Demon has to say “got’cha!” – unless you practice taming it. I’ve struggled with the Doubt Demon in my relationships, parenting, + business  – until I remember to pull these simple + power*filled tools out of my medicine bag. I want you to feel the high that comes from overcoming your doubt + fears too.


Get Started!

The 6 week ecourse officially starts April 25th when Week 1 videos, audios, and exercises will be posted. Until then, let’s play…

1. Watch Video 1 Tame the Doubt Demon Overview and read the Introduction below.

2. Listen to the Tame the Doubt Demon Teleclass if you didn’t join the live teleclass.

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From Stuck + Struggle to Confidence + Clarity

There is not a human on this planet who hasn’t wrestled with doubt. Best-selling authors, yoga teachers, the put-together mom at school drop off. They’ve all felt it – whether they are willing to admit it or not! If you’re currently in the Doubt Demon’s clutches, you probably feel alone… and insecure, lost, confused, small, or frustrated.

Welcome to planet earth!

Intro Video: Tame the Doubt Demon Overview

Guess what? We’ve now established that you are human, not superwoman, not a deity. We are human and fear is a part of our experience. You are not alone in these small thoughts and crummy feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness. I’ve wrestled the Doubt Demon many (many) times and I’m here to tell you: you don’t need to keep struggling, stay stuck, or feel this way anymore. I’ll be sharing tales of wrestling with the Doubt Demon in my marriage, parenting, business, and spiritual path as we go. And we’ve had some knock-down battles.

Nearly everyone has an encounter with the Doubt Demon (and its friend Fear) on our way to shining fully, but this pesky critter doesn’t have to prevent us from creating a life or business we love.

So what gives? Are we humans badly designed? Have a fatal flaw?

Nope. Your doubt is doing its job perfectly. It’s working hard to create the best, most up-to-date version on you. The 2.0 version that lives larger, loves bigger, leads better, and parents more patiently. The version that shines and shares your unique gift with the world.


You’re probably scratching your head a bit. But hang tight.

You can tame the Doubt Demon and feel confident, focused, inspired, and connected – if you know effective techniques and follow an action plan. So we’re going to demystify doubt; add in a few simple but powerful tools; and discover the most important doubt-busting action.

This trifecta will empower you to overcome your doubt and fears – and create more confidence and clarity within you. And as you probably already know, once you are aligned internally then your outer world of relationships, career and finances starts to fall into place.

Ready to jump in? It’s time to tame your Doubt Demon and claim your right to shine fully. If I can do it, so can you.

In the Tame the Doubt Demon Ecourse:

• 6 weeks of activities + videos + homework in the online training center, with reminders delivered to your inbox. You’re investing time and money so make sure you DO the activities. No reading, thinking “I get it!” and moving on.
• 1 live teleclass mid-course for mini-coaching sessions & Q+A on Tuesday, May 14th at 8pm EST. If you can’t make it, no worries – the recording will be posted.
Micro-coaching through your online questions + comments
• Access to a private Tame the Doubt Demon Facebook Group for extra love + support
• Bonus Tame The Doubt Demon Ebook. The full e-course is covered in this ebook so you will always be able to return to re-read and to the exercises.

Week 1:          Overcoming the Doubt Demon (That Pesky Little Critter)

  • What doubt sounds and feels like
  • 3 old, ineffective responses to doubt
  • Why doubt is the fast track to a more magnificent you
  • How to clearly pull your doubt out of hiding

Audio Exercise:          The Doubt Dump
Bonus!            My struggles with doubt

Week 2:          Doubt Demystified

  • 3 myths doubt thrives on
  • Why doubt needs to be welcomed – not judged or resisted
  • How doubt is connected to a bigger vision and bigger dream for yourself

Audio Exercise: Dream Big!
Bonus!                  My interview with shaman Susan Feathers on Overcoming Doubt

Week 3:          How Shift Happens

  • Why doubt is GOOD, not bad
  • A more effective way to respond to daily doubt – that will have you feeling mo’ better
  • How to see the connection between your Doubt Demon and your Big Dream

Audio Exercise:          Connect the Dots
Bonus!                        Live Teleclass Tuesday, May 14th, 8pm ET. Ask questions + receive micro-coaching. (If you can’t join us, the call will be recorded.)

 Week 4:          A New Trick for Your Medicine Bag

  • Why resisting doubt won’t work
  • New trick: feeling
  • The science behind releasing doubt (or any emotion)
  • Why Throwing a Pity Party for yourself is empowering

Audio Exercise:          90 Second Pity Party
Bonus:                        Surprise Bonus this week!

Week 5:          Burn, Baby, Burn

  • Why my silly Doubt Demon hat is a key to clearing out doubt
  • How to have huge gratitude for that pesky little critter
  • How to create a powerful ceremony to release your doubt

Bonus Audio Exercise:          Farewell Doubt Demon
Audio Exercise:                      Burn, Baby Burn

Week 6:          And Action!

  • The biggest, best doubt-busting action you can take
  • How to create an action plan based on clarity
  • Integrating doubt taming into your daily practice
  • Opportunities for deeper, more personalized support around doubt

Audio Exercise:                      Action Plan
Bonus!                                         Success: Tips & Tools

Ecourse begins April 25th and runs through May 30th. You can access the ecourse at any time – even in your pajamas! $97 investment toward a happier, more magnificent you.


You are not alone! Clarity is on it’s way.