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The Secrets of Shamanism

How to Use Shamanism in Your Everyday Life
4-week Online Training 

Are you curious about shamanism – or maybe even (secretly) think you might be a shaman or use shamanic techniques?

Need an answer to a nagging question in your business, relationships, health or finances (you KNOW the issue but just can’t seem to find the solution)?

Or maybe you’ve been wanting an easier way to access your intuition, psychic abilities or the messages your emotion and mind have been sending…

For millennia, shamans were mysterious, esoteric figures who had to shroud their skills and abilities in a cloud of secrecy. Shamans were the healers and spiritual leaders in the tribe who accessed their intuition and the spirit world so that they could bring back wisdom to the sick and heal broken hearts and souls.

Now contemporary shamans, like myself, are revealing the potent messages within these guarded traditions – including shamanism’s biggest secret: shamanic healing is a powerful tool that you can use in your everyday modern life.

Merging the spiritual with the practical, shamanism has powerful tools for answering questions, solving problems, building your energy and accessing information that comes from your innermost truth and from spiritual guidance – not your busy mind.

How can YOU use shamanism in your everyday life?

By the end of this 4-week Secrets of Shamanism Self-Paced Training, you will:
  • Know the EXACT answer to a specific challenge you’ve been struggling with or contemplating – and know what action to take
  • Have a step-by-step system that guides you to answer any question or solve any issue in your life
  • Discover how to build your energy and call in guidance beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before
  • Understand what a shaman is and who the Toltecs were – and why this can make a massive difference in your daily life
  • Reduce stress, suffering or confusion and increase contentment, clarity, and inner knowing

You might even discover your power animal, connect to a new “guide,” become a better storyteller, have a vision, go on a vision quest or receive a message in a dream… anything is possible!

Each recorded training lasts approximately 2 hours and available on a password protected page that you’ll have forever access to. Watch when you want, as many times as you’d like!
Module 1: Opportunity? Or Problem
Module 2: Amplify Your Energy
Module 3: Power Animals, Guides and Ceremony
Module: Vision Quest

Meghan is a kick-ass larger than life shaman who mixes her intuitive listening with her far-reaching business savvy and honest observations to guide me past my resistance and mental blocks so I could make a bigger difference in my life and in the world. So grateful!

Janeen Barnett

Founder & Energy Therapist, Au Soleil Healing

So what’s included in this powerful training?

Your Investment

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 8+ hours of Secrets of Shamanism Online Trainings
  • Forever access to all the videos
  • Experiential Activities to Implement the Trainings
  • Extra Resources
    PLUS Bonus! 4 Guided Shamanic Journeys

Investment: $247

Are you ready for a BIG breakthrough?

Meghan Gilroy

Meghan Gilroy

Shamanic Healer + Business Coach


Meghan Gilroy never expected to be named a shaman (heck, she didn’t even know what a shaman was), yet life had different plans for this former brainiac. Her spiritual path began after being hit over the head with a cosmic two-by-four in the form of heartbreak, betrayal and out-of-control classroom when she was in her 20’s.

After studying extensively and co-teaching with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, she finally gave up being the self-appointed head of the overachieving, people-pleasing, perfectionist tribe and accepted her role as a spiritual leader.

After working with thousands of clients around the planet, she is now an international teacher, modern shaman, business coach, and mindful mama.

What the heck is a shamanic healer?

A shamanic healer has the ability to bring information from the spiritual realm into the practical, everyday world and reconfigure your energy field so you aren’t repeating the same old patterns – and manifesting similar problems in your life or business – over and over again.

When most people picture a shaman, they imagine an ancient, esoteric, mysterious figure chanting or drumming by firelight, and yet contemporary shamans can teach you effective, valuable techniques to step outside of the crazy busy-ness of daily life or a modern business and step into a deeper connection with your true self and your heart. You can then apply your new insights in a practical way in your daily life and business.

Intensively trained and named a shaman and “spiritual leader for the next generation” by don Miguel Ruiz, international bestselling author of The Four Agreements, my specialty comes in gently sleuthing out and resolving the root cause of your challenges then integrating and cheerleading (with accountability!) the changes in your life and business.

How does shamanic healing work?

Most of us have a solid understanding of what our problems are and how they show up in our life and business. Yet with all this know-how, why won’t they go away?

While it would be lovely to simply wave a magic wand to make your issues disappear, having an intellectual understanding of them just doesn’t cut it. Your body, mind & spirit need to be synced up for real, lasting results that stick – which is why I teach shamanic healing  techniques.

During this training, you’ll experience shamanic journeys and other powerful shamanic techniques, which allow you to receive information from your heart. And no worries… you won’t be alone. I’ll lead you every step of the way and your guides and helpers will also be supporting you.

Ignored, neglected parts are given a chance to speak up and old gunky emotion has the opportunity to be released. Plus, potent therapeutic images aid in healing and unlocking deep-rooted patterns.

Even if you’ve never experienced worked with a shaman before, are a little skeptical, or aren’t sure if you have a guide or helper, I walk you through the entire process. Shamanic techniques are powerful ways to bypass your thinking mind in order to access a deeper and often surprising solution to your dilemmas and challenges in life.

Just imagine integrating your breakthroughs into your life and business, experiencing deep support and transformation on an energetic and spiritual level, and receive practical suggestions that work in dealing with your partner, children, money, health, or business. It’s a power combo!

How do I know if this training is right for me?

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused, or in pain, this training can help, especially when traditional avenues haven’t succeeded.

Often clients are open or curious about personal growth, spirituality, meditation, shamanism, or energy work.

Perhaps you have intuition (but don’t always listen to it) or respond to images/imagination. Some clients come after having a significant dream or “coincidently” hearing about me or shamanism in general, multiple times.

What if I miss a class?

All classes are recorded and you can listen at any time so you’ll never miss a class. This is a self-paced home study program.

Meghan is a rare and gifted healer. Her healing space feels like sacred space…warm, cozy and safe. She lead me on a healing journey that felt Spirit-guided and held the duality of feeling both gentle and powerful at the same time. Even though part of the journey brought up painful past experiences, it never felt difficult – always gently guided and strongly supported.Her work is transformative, highly effective and empowering. I feel blessed to have done this work with her.

Gayle Gorfinkle

Intuitive Healer, Sunshine Intuitive + Holistic Healing

Meghan should call herself a Life Changer instead of a Shamanic Healer & Life Coach! I’ve been on a spiritual path for years, but she’s the one who finally helped me heal deep core issues around self-worth that have impacted every part of my life – career, relationships, health and wealth. I just see life so differently now – with so much more compassion and gentleness. I’m so grateful and my body feels so much better!

Rosemary Quade Nichols

Office Manager and Life Coach

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Meghan for her loving presence and nurturing self. I felt very comfortable with Meghan and totally able to open up to her.

I couldn’t have asked for anybody better in allowing me space to come into my heart center!

Martha Davis

Yoga Teacher

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