A Modern Day Medicine Bag | Meghan Gilroy

A Modern Day Medicine Bag

I’m a contemporary shaman who loves using power*filled tools for healing – with a modern twist. So I’ve prepared a “medicine bag” for you that works for challenges in with our relationships, health, wealth, career and spiritual practice. In days gone by, shamans would carry medicine bags with them that contained their tools for healing – herbs, crystals, sacred objects. This one is equally effective and powerful, and yes it does contain some woo-woo!

Gift 1: My Tale of Transformation Video. Inspiring questions for you included…

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Gift 2: Shaman Girl’s Guide to Shining Fully! Audio

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To shine fully in our lives and with our relationships, business, finances, health, self-care, and spirituality, we need to clean and clear out old limitations and challenges. Next, we invite in clarity by envisioning a life that resonates with our heart. Then it’s time for action! This 20 minute audio is packed with intriguing questions, experiential exercises and mini-meditations that leads you through this process step-by-step. I even throw in some fire! Listen to the audio after you’ve printed out worksheet below.

Gift 3: Compassionate, Clear & Confident Ebook

Print this out! It’s chockfull of insightful questions that will clear out doubts and fears and inspire you to take action toward your Big Dream. Really, download now then use it as you listen to Gift 2 Audio.

Gift 4: Hang with the Tribe

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Gift 5: Free Mini-Lightning Bolt Coaching Session

Need a personalized solution to a challenge? Some inspiration to shine more fully? I offer a limited number of Mini-Lightning Bolt Sessions each month. Here’s how to snag a free 20 minutes session with me.


I would love to hear about your challenges and successes. Feel free to email me with your questions or comments on creating your Big Dream!