You Are Good to Go! | Meghan Gilroy

You Are Good to Go!

Affirmative! (As Shaman Boy likes to say.) You have booked a Lightning Bolt Coaching Session!

Let the transformation begin!

Now what?

1. Send over the answers to your Lightning Bolt Questions and your completed Coaching Agreement – preferably 3 days before our session. Let the creative juices start flowing!

2. If we are Skyping, then you’ll need to add me as a contact. Open up Skype. On the left side, click on “Contacts.” On the right side, click on the button “Add Contact.” Enter “MeghanGilroy” in the search bar and click “Find.” Click on the green button with the person and + sign on the right. We’re connected!

3. I got you covered if we’re doing our session in person. Otherwise, here’s what you’ll want to have handy during our session to get the biggest bang.

  • Quiet space with preferably no interruptions. This is time for YOU.
  • Pen + paper. To really go for it, a big pad of paper (which you can get in the kids art section in a store like Staples) and fun markers. Or just a pen & paper will do.
  • Candle + match.
  • Tissues. There might be some tears.
  • Snack + water ready for our break.
  • Open mind + heart. Let’s have fun with this!

4. At the time of our session, you will initiate the session by Skyping me or calling 781-254-4172. And… Skype is sometimes fussy so be patient if the connection takes a few tries. If our session is in person, please appear on my doorstep. I’ll email you the address.

5. If you paid in full, thank you! If not, please pay your balance here 3 days before our session.

So excited to rocket-launch your dreams!