Mini Clarity Coaching Session | Meghan Gilroy

Mini Clarity Coaching Session

I’m dancing a little jig I’m so excited for you!

A Mini Clarity Coaching Session is:

  • a fast infusion of inspiration,
  • a quick look at the itch that’s been irritating (or inspiring!) you to grow in your personal or business life, and
  • a personalized recommended solution.

To schedule a 15 minute session, simply email me the answers to these questions along with your phone number to contact you:

1. Where are you holding back or stuck in your life? What do you think you most need to look at or work on?

2. What do you fear you REALLY need to look at (eek!)?

3.  What would your life look like in 6 months if you resolved your challenge?

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Can’t wait to see you shine fully! Go on, email me or call me at 781-254-4172. Let’s play!