Cancellation Policy | Meghan Gilroy

Cancellation Policy

I am so happy that you have come into my life. Overjoyed actually!

I see the fully shining woman within you that’s oh-so-ready to come out and show the world what she is capable of – while deeply nurturing herself and all those around her. Passion, purpose, peace. Check.

Yep. It’s time!

When you book a session or intensive with me, I arrange my calendar and tell everyone else that they take a backseat to magnificent you. Then, I start dreaming with you, meditating on just what you need to bust loose, and envisioning the mind-blowing possibilities of you living out your dreams.

I loan you a gust of my energy to transform. We are going to shake your life up + put the pieces back together perfectly. Promise.

That’s why – with the exception of freakish acts by Mother Nature or can’t get out of bed illness or grief, I don’t offer refunds on cancellations for Lightning Bolt Sessions or Fire Me Up! Intensives.

I respect you and your time. I know you do the same for me. It’s a love fest all around, soul sister.

A big squeeze,