How to Find True Love | Meghan Gilroy

How to Find True Love

I had written long lists of what I was looking for in a man many times over the years. Then in early 2003, I wrote down a vision from my heart of what it would feel like to be in a relationship with the man of my dreams. Several weeks later, we went on our first date and then were married two weeks later. It’s been a decade since I married my Dream Man and he’s still exactly what I wanted. Meet my Dream Man, Jamie Gilroy.

 My dream man is a man. He has a strength and groundedness to him. He is a rock that I can lean on as he can lean on me. He feels and shares his emotions. We are passionate and love touching, kissing, caressing, making love. We laugh a lot and enjoy doing many of the same things. He is confident, gentle, wise. He is an excellent father. Present, participating, involved, emotionally available, fun with both our children and me.

He is generous and has financial abundance. He knows how to manage his money. We spend money in similar ways. He is trustworthy, ethical, sincere, authentic, interesting, intelligent. He is spiritual and is comfortable with my spirituality. We enjoy being around each other’s friends. There is an ease between us. He has already been ‘trained.’ He’s helpful around the house and takes initiative. He is not a burper, farter, drinker or smoker. He is direct. He allows me to be feminine. Be myself. I respect his dream and he respects mine and we have no desire to change each other.

He loves to have me dress up and he also loves the natural p.j. me. He likes to buy me sweet things. We have a clean, beautiful house that is comfy, well decorated, full of light and love and laughter. We travel together and can afford everything we want. We have incredible sex. He loves his work and has plenty of time to spend with me. He is very handsome and dresses well. He smells good both with and without cologne.

We give each other the space to be independent. He is my nagual. We light up around one another. I am the woman of his dreams. He is a dreamer and a manifester. He is in his power. I love being with his family and he with mine. He has full juicy lips and a fit body. He likes being outdoors.

He knows how to possess me. I am his and he is mine. He is happy being with me. We communicate well together. My heart flutters around him. We desire each other. We’re romantic together. We say ‘I love you’ in words and in actions all the time. We are so grateful for one another. There are many helpful people in our life. When we need to shift and adjust, it is easy and effortless. We sleep intertwined together.

Our dreamers and dream match easily. We meet at the perfect time. We are willing to commit to one another. There are no other people involved. He is willing to support me. I pull in energy to manifest for him, for me, for us. He has integrity. He is impeccable. He is a true partner. He is a good cook. He loves to dance (salsa) and has rhythm. He is not jealous, nor am I. He is disease free. He holds me when I need to be held.

We do not exchange poison. We do not have mother-son/brother-sister energy. We do not need to use each other to resolve issues or balance each other out. He is not a boy. We inspire and stimulate each other. George Clooney/Joseph Bortoli. Jay Leno & his wife. We share similar values. He hunts me. He is Neo. He takes care of things. He takes care of me. I am madly in love with him and he is madly in love with me.