Shaman Girl Talents | Meghan Gilroy

Shaman Girl Talents

I’ve spent many a day pondering what it means to be a shaman or even a Shaman Girl.  I’m still figuring it out as I go.

So what am I good at? Every shaman seems to have their specialty. Here’s a few of my talents:

I LOVE to sleep, especially sleep in (which doesn’t happen as often as I like since Shaman Boy arrived on the scene.) And yes, I consider this a talent. I am a pro – I’ve slept through two Mexican marching bands outside my hotel window, a professional hockey game, and a Broadway musical. Nine hours plus a night is ideal for me.


Rather than thinking this is a waste of time, I prefer to think of it as healing downtime – and lots of scientific evidence supports this view. On the woo-woo side, I often feel like I am working in my dream state – visiting other people, sending out energy into my creations, collecting information. So take THAT all of those of you who have said to me, “You can sleep when you are dead.”


I do this asleep, yes, but I also mean dreaming what is possible. In my own life and in holding space for others to dream abundantly in theirs as well. When I connect with someone (and with their permission), I often receive information that helps fuel their dreams or let go of limitations. I can also help amp up the energy available to them to make the shifts they desire.


Connecting peeps.
For years I hibernated in my office and now I am on a mission to hang out with the coolest chics I know – other Shaman Girls and Light Workers. I love bringing people together to get real and raw and honest. And to eat good food. And laugh. And maybe cry. Which brings me to…


Making people cry.
Okay so maybe it’s not me that makes people cry, but when someone sits down in my comfy office chair (which has been dubbed the crying chair) the tears start flowing. I hold space for pent-up emotion to be released. It can get messy, but you feel so much better – and usually gain an a-ha too.


Interviewing interesting people.
Junebug, my dear mother-in-law who has passed on, used to unearth everyone’s life’s story – the cable guy, the lady next door, our friends and family. We used to roll our eyes at her, but I’ve now taken up the tradition. I’m fascinated by how you got to where you are now, what makes you tick, and what life lessons you’ve learned that you want to share with others. You can catch some of my interviews here – or watch one of my favorites below.

Telling stories.
I apparently have the gift of (written) gab. Everyone loves a good story and I love weaving a tale together so that it’s uplifting and authentic and makes you go “hmmm.” Being a storyteller was not a compliment in my spiritual lineage, but I’ve converted my appetite for fear-based stories into works of beauty.


For many, many years I wanted to be a serious spiritual teacher. No mas, gracias. Now I’m living my life in a way that makes me happy. It’s a juicy, abundant, evolving, chaotic love fest. I’d love for it to inspire others but I’m not here to tell anyone how to live.


Appearing “normal.”
Yes, I know. “Normal” is only a setting on the washing machine. Still, you know what I mean. I live in suburbia. I have a house, husband, and kids. I choose to be in the world – not some monk living in a cave or ashram. I want to know how to live in ecstasy and still take care of the laundry. I dance between worlds –the everyday and the extraordinary, the messy and the mystery.


I used to manifest from my will. From lots of effort. Once I got out of my own way, I now manifest from being in the flow, co-creating with life through connection, serendipity, gratitude. I’ve manifested a husband, several houses, a baby, and more – all in two-week time frames. Now if I could only manifest a million dollars on command…


I can do woo-woo. Shhh!

I don’t like to admit it, but I can do woo-woo as I’m called to. Some energy healing or clearing, a shamanic journey, deep meditative states, visions, a powerful ceremony. Or just some plain old connecting heart to heart.