10 Things I Bet You Definitely Don't Know About Me | Meghan Gilroy

10 Things I Bet You Definitely Don’t Know About Me

1.  I am extremely grouchy upon awakening so please do not attempt any form of eye contact or communication at this hour.

2.  I like the drama in my life to stay on the TV screen. Favorite shows: Duck Dynasty, Weeds, Californication, Sister Wives, and Shameless.

3.  I have played the clarinet in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and England, caught mono in Russia, bungee-jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, scuba dived in Australia (in spite of my then-fear of the ocean), pyramided in Mexico and Peru, ate my way across Italy, conceived a child in Ireland, and been wined and dined in Paris for my 40th birthday and 9th anniversary.

4.  I learned to speak passable Spanish from my 5th graders in Compton and from a relationship with Mexican Man, which was full of insane misunderstandings, topped off with a few whopping lies. I dream of being fully fluent – without heartbreak.

5.  I have a hard time telling people I love “no” or “I don’t want to do that with you” if I think it will hurt their feelings.

6.  I am not naturally huggy-feely except with my bestest friends and family. And I only kiss Shaman Guy on the mouth; everyone else gets the cheek.

7.  I would love to perform a choreographed dance in front of an audience. Or alternately, be able to dance salsa jaw-dropingly well with a partner (preferably Shaman Guy who, alas, has no interest).

8.  Speaking of lists (which I love to make, can you tell?), I’ve checked off 3 and ½ of my “20 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do List.” Need to get working on that!

9.  Between mommy brain and too much spiritual work, I have a dreadful memory and can no longer spell.

10.  I love raw chocolate. And I think kale is candy. That’s whack, I know.

Bonus: Okay, you might already know this one, but if not, it’s a whopper. Shaman Guy asked me to marry him on our first date. Two weeks later we tied the knot on top of a pyramid in Mexico. Could have been a disaster, but it was the best choice I ever made.